Friday, January 13, 2017

going out

i'm so excited today because a. i finished all my university work for the first week back and b. our babysitter is back in town!

that means it's date night-after we haven't been alone for almost a month and a half (those christmas vacations are a double edged sword i tell ya).

i was so happy i was getting ready at about 10:00 am and i even took the rare selfie. 

looking forward to my favorite kind of date: book shopping, drinks & dinner. and it's a balmy +2 degrees which means i can wear a skirt/dress (with over the knees and fleece lined tights obvs).

only a couple hours to go now...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

happy holidays

sent our christmas cards out today...

our sweet little christmas tree

we brought minimal christmas decorations with us after we moved from switzerland to vienna: a string of lights, pinecones and a set of wooden balls. 

last weekend however we went to the christmas market to choose a star topper, as requested by my three-year old, and we picked a pretty red wooden one.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

everybody ready for xmas?

this is what we got anna for xmas this year (she is 3 1/2)

-a doll (from her mimi and pop pop)

-a jellycat rabbit (she asked santa specifically for this one)

-a dress up trunk (should keep her busy)

-foam building blocks (ever had a wooden one fall on your foot?)

-a toolbox (to balance out the dress up trunk?)

-a game of memory (because it's a classic)

i'll add a few books to the mix but that's about it, we're done! 

we just buy presents for her these days, so the pressure is off-we're just looking forward to enjoying watching her open these while we sip mulled wine on xmas morning...

Monday, October 10, 2016

i <3 my re-kanken

being a student when you're 40 is cool and all up to the point where you start looking like one. because without youth, the student look is basically just sloppy.

i found myself needing a backpack really badly for a series of practical purposes: i sometimes have a need to go to the library with my book and ipad, i commute every day to go get my daughter at school and i recently developed neck problems probably due to all the stuff i was lugging around in my shoulder bag. bad idea!

so after first wasting 20 euro on a cheap one from zara which fit nothing i settled on this cool dark olive kanken's not that bad! i still feel a little bit less feminine than i'd like wearing a backpack over a bag, but i guess this is my life now...

i do love the discreet logo on the re-kanken and the color. i also love that the shoulder straps are much thinner than the classic school backpack with its thick, padded straps (yuk!)

it's also nice to fit everything in one bag: my study materials, water bottle, snacks as well as my daughter's stuff and any shopping i may have acquired on the way to school (it's right next to a nice mall and i've been mall-deprived for many years, so don't judge me)...