Monday, December 16, 2013



anna's room

anna's room has changed quite a bit already to reflect her budding personality.

walking in is the reading nook made using ikea ribba frame shelves and the vintage leather roche bobois couch that followed us from rome. 

the memory wall with anna's greatgrandparents' pictures, and some stuffed friends in ikea baskets that i painted a creamy white.

her dresser from ikea (duh) and hanger from zara, two gold vintage mirrors and vintage dress. 
the swedish star is a christmastime treat. i light it up at sundown every day.

ikea crib that converts to a toddler bed, polka dot ikea rug to cushion her should she learn how to escape head first (like her daddy used to do). 

the canopy is a necessity because the room has a skylight window  so it only has a blackout option. i think it's good if she gets used to napping with the daylight but i don't want her to bake! i got it on amazon.

i bought the cloud music box here in switzerland before she was born.  
i used to sit in her room imagining what it would be like to have her there, and listen to it. 
she smiles like crazy every time she hears it now, and i like to think she may recognize the tune from those days.

another view of the weathered couch and an ikea botanical chart. 
she would stare at it for hours when she was just a newborn, so i decided it belonged in her room (we had it in the living room).

the dress corner and my two old lowbrow art posters by tara mcpherson and ray caesar. 
the cute dots and triangles storage bags are from ikea and are great for storing extra nappies and linens.

the ubiquitous but versatile expedit from ikea that we use as a changing station. 
the monogram prints are freebies from here

the polka dot door was basically my nesting craze a few days before she was born
 the sweet cat hooks i got here in switzerland.

what i read and what i learned

i read a book that wasn't a novel for probably the first time in my life.

i'm a minimalist at heart, but i'm also a stuff lover. in fact i like almost everything, verging on the edge of love when we're talking about shoes and furniture.

i already knew i loved to streamline around the house and in my closet. i love to throw away stuff and make space for the new. but i'm always making lists of what i want to buy next, too.

so what did i take from this book when a lot of things i was already doing on my own?

1. if you make space you will invite new, wonderful things in life, in relationships, in your closet. don't hang on to yesterday.

2. if you think back you were probably the happiest in life when you had very little. 
strive to recreate the lightness of those days.

3. an object must have a function to reside in your home, closet or suitcase. 
 give these objects the space they deserve.

4. dress for the life you have, not wish you had.

5. don't clutter your time. 
learn to say no.

PS. I gave the book away as soon as i was done with it.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

thinking of packing

xmas pack list

i'm going to pack light this year.

i plan to shop a lot.

we haven't been to the u.s. in over a year.

i've survived on a diet of h&m, asos and j crew's 40% off sales.

so i'm going to keep it easy with neutrals mixed with greens, blues and reds.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

puss in new boots

got these over the knee boots from asos.

they're going to be great travel boots, good for rain and serious walking/shopping.

unfortunately it's time for snow boots here. 

this year i'm always catching up, shoe wise.

on a different note, i've been asked to write a xmas list.

it makes me feel a bit pretentious but i'm giving it a whirl.

it goes like this:

anything to wear in green, from bright to dark green (avoiding lime and mint green)

j crew tippi merino sweater any color size s

classic pajama set, with shorts or long pants

dark chocolates with liqueur

scented candles (possibly white)

clinique chubby sticks, any color

dior rouge lipstick, any color

any marc jacobs or jo malone perfume

essie nailpolish, any color

earrings, preferably medium sized studs

kate spade small goodies

any burgundy purse (smallish)

anything from

duck boots (they run really big so size down one or two sizes)

bookstore gift card

dsw gift card

j crew gift card

i think it's a pretty good list. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

more flats

got these shoes from asos in the mail today.

love them. 
they  were cheap and i was afraid they might be hard or uncomfortable,
but they're soft and nicely padded inside.
burgundy is my new go-to neutral for fall/winter.
and if you have small feet like me a pointy flat is a must.

another impulse buy with a happy ending.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

next up

we have this triangular shaped nook that's been driving me crazy.

ideally i know what i'd do with it: put in some shelves and turn it into a pretty library.

however we're renters. 
not even renters. we live in a boarding school. we could be moved anywhere so any big expenditure would be dumb.

so the other day i got this idea of doing a gallery wall.

i don't have high hopes.

i've tried this before and it always ended up looking like someone vomited art on my wall.

don't let anyone tell you gallery walls are effortless and easy.
i'm still going to try.
then this picture came to my rescue telling me i'm not so crazy.

i feel mildly optimistic now.

btw this was taken from a pretty house tour.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


it's time to dig out the style files from my winter pinterest board.

maybe it's still technically fall but hej, it's snowing here right now.

winter white

leather skirt with black tights + boots

light sweater+ blazer + vans

oversized sweater

classic and cozy
classic sorels

ok. i can do this.

chilly times

sock happy

who knew buying socks made one feel so happy?

sometimes it's the little things.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

gray/brown/plum house tour

i loved loved this house tour.

the mix of browns and burgundy/plums and the use of deco in particular made me drool.
reminded me of my grandmother's house, which i remember as a place full of glamour.
i like how they mixed up a good dose of lowbrow art to balance out all the heaviness.

this bathroom is to die for.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

art for little girls

i'm so happy i was finally able to put up some seriously girly-with a dark aftertaste-
posters in anna's room.

this tara mc pherson one

and this ray caesar one from an exhibition i saw in rome

they're like my baby: cute and sweet and a little bit mischievous.


sick day

being sick sucks.

taking antibiotics sucks. my stomach hurts already.

i've been an adult about it this time and went to see a doctor after two weeks of feeling like crap.

just hope the little bear won't catch it this way.

day off today.

tomorrow i get to dress her up as the little witch she is.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

bring on the fog

bring on the fog

the fog is back bigtime.

that's ok bc i got my new shoes in the mail today and they're shiny.

love that.

also love the burgundy-coral combination for some reason.

it's unexpected. it works.

it wakes me up from this white comatose haze of a day.

Friday, October 25, 2013

gone antiquing

Senza titolo #8

so i saw this rug i really liked.

a traditional rug more pinkish than red, huge. wool, made in belgium so machine woven but who cares if it looks great and costs 150 francs?

turns out that having it dry cleaned would cost 2-3 times the cost of the rug itself.


only in switzerland, right?

made me love my cheap, clean & easy ikea rug.

i mean, what am i supposed to do? go to france to have it cleaned? live with a used rug under my feet?

takes the fun out of going to the junk shops... 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

it's all about shoes

i got 50 euro the other day as a birthday present

so i bought these on asos

not a bad price for leather shoes.

last time i had a pair of oxfords i wore them very little.

i hope to like them better this time around.

how to frame large art

i've been getting a huge headache trying to figure out how to frame this huge eboy poster

i blogged about it here

you can get it here

fortunately a picture came to my rescue right before damn mercury went retro

pretty cool huh?

then i found this too to cement it all in my brain

finding affordable large art is such a bitch.

and when you do then you have to spend more than what you paid for the artwork (or 4 times as much if you live in switzerland like me) to get it fucking framed.

not to mention that last time i did that i had to leave the whole thing behind when we moved bc it was so fucking big.

so, recapping: i'll buy 8 ikea frames, cut that bad boy up and finally have something to hang over the couch on the biggest wall i've ever seen. 

and next time we move it'll be easy to pack, too.

up yours, hornbach!