Monday, September 30, 2013


my laptop is getting so old that the letter d is getting lazy. so this post was almost called eleting

anyways i've been deleting a lot of annoying pinners on my pinterest feed.
it seemed like the natural thing to do after i stopped reading blogs for 20 year olds.

it feels so i like pinterest again.

all the models are gone, as the outfits with the high-heels and the trendy baby stuff. 

stuff like this.

do you live in a house like that where you wear chic yet minimalist clothes and high heels?

and do you give a shit what olivia palermo is wearing?

or about her in general?

and when you think of kids do you think about this?

or this? a mini lv? that's seriously fucked up. and vexing to me.

i just kept the interiors porn and the few normal pinners out there.

 i can dream of having a fireplace, right?


there are more probabilities of that happening that me turning into a jetsetter at the ripe age of 37.
also i am so over the mom blogs.

 i mean, i just became a mom too. in fact, while i'm sitting here i have two batches of baby food cooking-but bottom line is-who cares?
oh and food pins annoy the shit out of me too!

glad to get it off my chest.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

lazy outfit of the week

because i'm not completely grown up yet i've made a pinterest board à la cher in clueless with pictures of all my clothes 

of course then i had to make more boards to match what goes with what in terms of seasons and dressiness, which brought to this, this and this

that made me realize that i needed to reorganize my real closet accordingly, bc i always get stuck wanting to wear something that i can't match in the mornings, like a dressy skirt or sparkly something

all the dressier stuff i'll probably wear very little so now i can just give up and concentrate on being comfortable and stop spending a ton on smart clothes i'll never need

which brings me to what i'm wearing today and probably repeat for the rest of the week

shirt is from h&m, the white pants are from asos, they have a ton on sale right now, and the black studs are ten bucks

i'm lazy so i'd wear with h&m flats (i have 4 different pairs of these bc they are so comfortable and cost $12)

or with these suprisingly comfortable (rubber track sole) zara boots in bad weather

or with my fancy j crew flats if wanted to fancy it up.

the gold watch was a present from my husband and it makes any outfit shinier.

  i'm going to use my new ysl gloss that was on sale (the only way you can afford to buy any makeup in switzerland)

i'd been looking for a dark plum gloss since this summer while on a tv overload diet i started watching rachel zoe's show.

this shade reminds me of one my opera-singer grandmother would wear.

a little bit of lip-drama for fall.

we were supposed to go to ikea today but decided to stay home instead.

in my world this is an unprecedented insanity.

maybe this means i'm growing up after all?

Saturday, September 28, 2013


it's taken me a long time to find these blogs that inspire me.

or rather, the women that write them are an inspiration to me.

i slowly have deleted the links to most of the twenty-somethings' blogs.
they annoy the shit out of me

so there is awesome designer tamara from house of honey

the nursery where she is standing in the picture blew my mind

 bc of the lowbrow art she used and the mix of dark+girly

 so i found her blog

her room designs are breathtakingly new and exciting.

here is her lovely mug.

apart from having the best blog title ever, i've had this picture of her daughter's room on my desktop forever

i saw it on apartment therapy and thought it was the coolest room ever.

here is the link to the room tour.

i also have this picture on my desktop.

unfortunately i have no idea where it came from but this is what i want to be when i grow up.

a cool scandinavian mom.

pray for me.

and last but not least mfamb 

inspired me to start this blog where i cut out the crap and just be myself.

Friday, September 27, 2013

paint and art

today i'm obsessing about whether to paint these veneer bedside tables (i use them as side tables in the living room really bc i don't like matchy matchy).

i'm too lazy to take a picture of the real ones but they look something like this.

so all of a sudden i started  thinking what would they look like if i painted them? the veneer isn't that nice and i'm not a big fan of brown anyways. they look ok, but just so. would they look better painted over? we're renters so it would have to be something pretty neutral or at least versatile.

i think that white might look a bit weird with the modernist lines-a bit too space-agey?

while black might be a bit too somber. so maybe a glossy gray? light, medium or dark? what are they trying to say to me? help.

my husband will say keep them the way they are, i know, but that's not really an option at this point bc
and i see now they would look better painted (theoretically, but probably not with my painting skills).

so far i've found candy-colored pictures like these

they make my mouth water but i can't commit to a color like that, nor will my husband be able to live with it. and right now we are working around a bright red front door. so there.

i like this gray one

i think it calls for gray in a glossy finish to accentuate the curves. the tables are not countryish enough for white, and too chunky enough to be black.

when we moved here we left a lot of my collected lowbrow art behind. i liked the idea of starting anew. but man, do i regret it now. all we've been able to add to our walls here is this biggass ikea botanical chart

which i loved for a while but am now over.

i got this kickass eboy poster for our paper anniversary that i'm dying to put up
but guess what? it would cost us over 400 francs to frame it!!!! that's fucking insane.

i'm so pissed so i'm thinking maybe it would look good if i cut it in two and stuffed it in two ikea ribbas? or maybe we'll have to drive to fucking france to have it framed.

in any case i regret not bringing my art, as it's obvious we're not going to find anything here. i should have known that

switzerland ≠ art 

but i wasn't thinking, i wasn't thinking. 

they do have this giger guy, though, which is pretty cool

and then there is always the "chasse" or venison season.

we're going to get ourselves some deer stew tonight, bitches!

check out the menu at le leysin

Civet de cerf de nos Monts aux chanterelles
Deer-Stew with mushrooms

Filet de faisan rôti, escalope de foie gras chaud et poêlée de bolets, sauce poivrade
Pheasant fillet and goose liver with mushrooms, pepper sauce
Risotto Vénéré aux filets de lièvre, jus sauvage
Black Risotto with hare fillet, savage juice
Noisettes de cerf aux poires caramélisées, jus corsé
Noisettes of deer with pears caramelized
Selle de chevreuil grillé au feu de bois, façon Grand-Veneur
Saddle of venison “Grand-Veneur” 

jealous much?

ps. blogger is a lot easier to use than wordpress

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

dark one night school

when i saw this picture on the makerista i knew i wanted to dress anna as a witch for her first halloween.
i would have tried to recreate the costume if i had any fucking idea of where to find anything in switzerland. no clue where to get a scrap of felt or elastic around here.

so it was back to etsy once again (probably the safest option anyways considering my predisposition to diy). at least i'm good at searching for the best deal out there.

i bought a tutu and mini hat (fascinator hat?) set for $20 from an awesome seller, clams and a ham dog who made a custom order for me all in black-because witches would never wear orange, duh.

then i bought a black onesie and tights from h&m and a pair of vintage shoes

and we're set. actually i plan on making a small homemade broom to go with the costume, with this kind of stuff.
that said, today i plan on going for a walk, or mini-hike with my friend stacy.

yes, i have a friend, i think. it's difficult when you move abroad, particularly in the international school circuit, to make friends when you know that everyone is going to be around just a few years max and then move to the other side of the world. or you might.

makes you wonder why make the effort, after all you have your family to stick to.

it's really nice to have a friend, though. i've always been a "one friend at a time" person anyhow.

she's the polar opposite of me, the kind of person i was trying to be on my old blog. she's always so nice-not because she's trying, but because she actually is.

so i guess in some fucked up way it makes sense that we get along. being nice has it's hidden dangers i guess.

and of course i've been studying on the dsw website for when we go back for xmas and i'm still looking for those brown booties i can wear everywhere and walk for miles in when traveling (rubber sole?), look good with everything and are all-weather. no biggie.

1. bass beatle bootie (very low heel)
3. crown vintage tabitha bootie (favorite but not brown)

boot reject

nothing too exciting, i sent back these boots from zara today.

i'm always looking for the holy grail of boots.the ones that'll change your life, go with every outfit, magically make you appear different. you know?

well it wasn't them. infact they are not me at all. too smart?

also, i confess i'm now freaked out by fake leather. just can't handle it any more.

right after i decided to send them back i got a huge bill to pay for a bunch of old fines that have been following me around the world for years.

so much for being good about spending.

i also wanted to bid on this pillow so badly. too bad today it reached £31.

i'm obsessed with donna wilson stuff. i love that it's made of wool. earlier this year they had a sale (which they never do) and got myself this scarf that i love.

oh well, you win some and lose some, i guess.

new blog

this is my new blog. old one here.

i got tired of being nice and keeping things light and positive. i'd rather just be myself.

i like bad things. apparently i rant a lot, too.

i love shoes, boots in particular.

i feel kinda lonely because there aren't many blogs out there for the over 30.

so here is one.