Thursday, January 30, 2014

at last

yesterday i was at the supermarket looking for an eyebrow pencil, as usual.

the last two i bought (and suffered through using) were, in order, 
the wrong color for me and too soft (lasted 2 weeks??)

so my hopes weren't high. 
even just finding one around here is kind of hard, 
so i was shocked when i found 2 options: 
a pencil, and this.

i took the plunge thinking it would probably make me look like a clown, 
but secretly hoping it would give me eyebrows again.

and it did.

i'm so shocked. 

my eyebrows are thin, patchy and blonde with some almost white spots.
 not sure why since my hair is a dark blonde-light brown.
 i look sick when i don't use an eyebrow pencil, 
but powders are too dark and overpowering for me.

anyways, after researching the internet i found some tips on how to apply it.

here's what i did:
  1. i applied it brushing against the grain of the eyebrows. this really gave me good coverage, and surprisingly it wasn't clotty or gooey at all.
  2. i waited a minute and then i combed the eyebows upward and shaped them with the wand.
the final result was very natural, yet stunning, compared to using a powder or pencil.
every hair is covered and colored, and kept in place by the creamy consistency.

my favorite part is that it doesn't look like i drew them on, either, and i'm pretty sure it will hold until i remove it with some makeup remover.

i feel so much better.

Friday, January 24, 2014

note to self

it's normal for me to mentally live in the next season.

ask me halfway through any one and i'll tell you i'm done.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

reasons why i love ikea n.2

sure it's great to discover a flea market or antique shop.

i have furniture that i've salvaged and lugged from rome to switzerland: 
specifically an eames shell chair, an old footlocker, a pair of art deco side tables, 
a battered caramel leather roche bobois couch, a 1960's childrens desk.

but as a family living internationally
how great is it to know that if we moved to japan next month i could still go out 
and buy a lamp to match the one i already have?
now or in 2 years time?

so i was going to buy this adorable bedding for anna's room from zara home

but i think i'll spend less than half as much 
and go with an ikea one that i can buy doubles of 
any old time i please.


ikea 1, zara 0

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

boden lois skirt

my favorite color has always been blue.

but when i'm feeling romantic about something i veer towards a very specific aqua shade.
it was the color i knew i wanted for the cake table at my wedding, the color on the invitations and of the dress i wore for brunch the next day (the first day of the rest of my life <3).

the color i use for every new blog.
the color of the boden lois skirt.

it was inevitable.
i'd been looking for a mommy skirt to glorify my status as a new, happy mama.
i received it today in the mail (international shipping is only six quid)
and it's everything i was hoping for:
  1. on sale for 17 pounds
  2. gorgeous soft wool
  3. it's comfortable and long enough that i don't need to worry about being indecent
  4. the color is genuinely gorgeous, and so far i've found a surprising number of things i can wear it with, rather than neutrals. stripy and polka dotted tops, bright green, burgundy, even coral and bubblegum pink (red might be a bit too cat in the hat for me).
 i highly recommend this.

if you can snatch one in your size in any color, do it.

just size down as it is long and high-waisted and
you want it to be fitted so the pockets don't bulge out.

ps. their sweet campaign was irresistible.

so is their ONE YEAR return policy.

take notes, j crew.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

this was fun

mine were:

ha ha ha.

my husband's:


we're onto something here...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

deep winter is here


recipes for three

in other words, how to cook for two adults and a baby.

i've been trying to cook veggies for the two of us every night, putting aside some for anna to eat the next day (after pureeing them with an immersion blender). easy.

so far she loved all of these these, ad so did we.

it's satisfying to make fresh food for three in less than 30 minutes using the same pots and pans.

sweet potato fries

take two sweet potatoes, cut in half lenghthwise, then cut into long sticks.

toss with extra virgin olive oil and bake until crisp.

set aside a few for the baby, then sprinkle with salt and brown sugar before serving to mom and dad.

serve the pureed fries to baby with a jar of veal the next day.

broccoli pesto

boil or steam some broccoli florets until tender.

drain and set aside some for baby. puree and add parmesan to make a thick paste. cover with extra virgin olive oil to keep in the fridge. serve to baby the next day with alphabet pasta.

for the adults, puree the broccoli with some cashews and olive oil. add salt and grated parmesan or grana cheese to form a thick paste.

serve over whole-wheat pasta (reserve some of the pasta's water for a creamy consistency.)

baked salmon and teriyaki brussel sprouts

 place  brussel sprouts in a pot with 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and one teaspoon of brown sugar.

add water to barely cover them then cook on high, uncovered, until tender but crunchy, the water has all evaporated, and they have gotten golden and crispy on the outside.

meanwhile bake salmon on high under the broiler skin side up for 3 minutes, check if done, otherwise flip and cook 2 more min.

set both aside for baby.

sprinkle generously with salt and pepper for mom and dad.

bon appétit.

5 minute makeup routine

finally found a makeup routine i can stick to and that works for me.

i had almost given up on foundation until i tried this. 
it's very light and natural.

my shade is n.10 beige. so this is my base. hand applied.

i then apply concealer under my eyes and blend. duh.

then i like to sweep a bit of light bronzer across the bridge of my nose and across the cheeks, as well as over my eyelids. gets rid of that deathly pallor.

 i use cream blush on the apples of my cheeks. the pinker the better.

i like this one called berry flirtatious.

for the eyes i make a shortened cat eye with black eyeliner and a quick coat of mascara.

but the real winner is using a white eye pencil on my underlash and the inside of my eye.

this really opens up the eye and makes you look fresh and wide awake. 
even when you're on the 10th day of having a cold. 
i swear.

and lastly i love chubby sticks for the lips. 

my shade is super strawberry.

i can do this routine in 5 minutes flat.

if i were a model it would look something like this, but slightly more livelier 
(i like to add the bronzer+vivid blush) as i have less contrast than the model between hair and skin so i look easily washed out.

i found the tutorial that inspired me here.

Friday, January 17, 2014

lowbrow art

lowbrow art.

i love it so much.

it makes every home i've had better.

especially if you like keeping everything else pretty neutral, like me, it really pops.

we have this 


and  now i've snuck this

all in our living room.

the key to not making them seem clownish is spacing them out.

then i have this in anna's room

and i wish i hadn't left these two in rome.

i miss them now.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

new year, new shoes

i love these shoes that i almost didn't buy but talked myself into buying.

they're so delicate and perfect i just want to wear them with the plainest top and a bun.

i also love these gap flats i got

they make me feel like throwing on a comfy sweater and chilling the fuck out all day.

happiness (is a warm credit card)


even when i'm miserably sick, happy clothes just cheer me up.

i like how they come in the same colors as dayquil & nyquil.

good stuff.

ways the mountain got me n.2

the mountain is so steep here 
(not to mention covered in thick layers of snow, ice and slush)
that it's really hard to get out with a baby.

i've asked around about how swiss moms get around here 
(although i suspect they stay in a lot during the winter).

i was told you need to be into getting a serious workout. 

not into that unfortunately (maybe once a week?)

over the winter break we bought a serious stroller to weather the elements.

here it is, the graco jogger.
i thought it would be a breeze to use it in the snow.

i was so wrong.

it's a workout. 

i got back from my first (30 minutes) excursion all sweaty.

i call it a tie (without the stroller i was a complete prisoner).


mountain 2, city girl 1.

reasons why i love ikea n.1

the expedit bookcase is so versatile. 

i love how i can put anna's toys on the lowest level 
so she can access them by herself (à la montessori). 

i put this tadpoles mat in front of it 

 so she can fall flat on her face as many times as she needs to.

it was the least hideous one i found for under $25.

i wonder when she's going to learn how to crawl.

in essence i wasn't thrilled with picking the most neutral ikea furniture available, but now i'm really satisfied by how easy it is to swap a whole room around as anna's needs change.


function 1, form 0.

ways the mountain got me n.1

witheld shops to make me want to get off the mountain to go shop abroad.
which in real life translated into a traumatic 12 day odissey avec baby.
and everyone getting real sick (emergency hospital visit included.)


mountain 1, city girl 0.



i've been sick for ages now.

that's my head up there, feeling like a big balloon.