Monday, June 30, 2014

i'm back

we just came back from a fantastic beach vacation in portugal filled with family, friends, beach, fresh grilled fish and rose'.

and zara is having sales...

not too shabby.

here is what i grabbed (virtually).

gray sweaters are my bread and butter. i needed a second one as a security blanket. 
i liked the elbow patches on this one.

umm, yeah. more gray.
 i'd been looking for some gray jeans for a while. 
 gray is great for those gray days that are just around the corner (if you live in switzerland).

i have a black faux leather zara skirt i bought last year that i've really worn a lot. 
i like it with everything! 

so i thought i'd double up in tan. i'm excited about this one. 
 i got a size m so it wouldn't be so mini. worked with the other one.

i own zero leggings. really, it's possible. i just don't like them.

but i liked these.

the end.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


the maxidress from j crew arrived just in time for our portugal trip.

i ordered an xxs and it's just right. crazy!

however the black pique' shorts in a 0 are way too small and short. i hope i can return them in 10 days when i come back.

the search for the perfect pair of black shorts continues.

ikea also came through. 

i forsee a fun night of packing and building stuff and i'll be back in 10 days!

girl vs. 90's

this slideshow made me laugh

i really can't do this 90's comeback thing.

i had my full of it. here is the proof (far left).

so no birkenstocks for me this year. 

i'll patiently wait for fashion to spit up something that works for me.

girl vs. ikea bully

oh no! 

it's really not cool at all, ikea.

i hope a boycotting campaign begins. 
there is so much used ikea stuff around the world that one needn't even go and buy any new stuff. 

i'm a big ikea buyer but i'd do this to support ikeahackers, one of the most creative sites around.

girl vs. tv

kind of excited about this, even though we don't have a tv.

for anna's sake, obviously.

nail polish vs. lipstick girl


i'm quite the nail polish girl hoarder.

every time i go to the states i buy two or three essie bottles. 

 i love their colors and i've never seen one i didn't like.

lately i've been trying to become more of a lipstick girl, due to the fact i can't really wear polish on my hands any more since becoming a mom (it lasts about half a day in all its glory, then turns to gory for about three days until i muster te effort to take it off). 

it's just not worth it any more.

so we're moving on to lipstick.

when i was planning our wedding i impulse bought this shade of dior rouge that caught my eye.

 it's called devilish pink. the name sealed the deal for me. 

i wore it at the wedding and it became my first signature shade.

i still have it but i get bored of wearing the same color and also of reapplying so i've been looking around.

then a while ago i bought this stila long lasting lipstick in fiery.

 it's become my go-to for going out, but to be honest that only happens sporadically.

i do like the long lasting effect so i got the fiore shade from asos to try. 

i hope i like this one.

i guess my best advice when trying to start wearing more lipstick is quality over quantity. 
there's something just awful about a poorly pigmented or garish looking shade of lipstick, on me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

blogger was a bitch today

when i was a little girl i remember wishing for two things to be invented:
 a device for recording one's thoughts and ideas, and teleportation.

of the two, only one is available today in the form of computers and blogs in particular fulfill this necessity for me, although through considerable work and frustration.

today i wrote a whole long post about our wedding anniversary that blogger deleted (possibly with my help). 
it could have saved me a copy or something. very friendly.

then i googled teleportation and found this picture.

it more or less sums up what the 8-year-old me had in mind (except my kitty made it alive).

girl vs. pine

now i'm thinking contact paper to make the kitchen baseboard black

and fastbo to cover up the horrid tiles.

 i apologize for my habit of calling ikea products by name.

the cute baseboard pic is from design sponge.

goodbye pine

 before and after picture of our bedroom armoire.

goodbye knotty pine nightmare.

i'll sleep much better tonight without all those little eyes staring at me.

see anna in demo mode in the corner of the bottom picture?

Monday, June 16, 2014

tiny model alert

i received the asos jacket in the mail today and it fits! 
i don't have to be cold any more and be forced to wear cardigans (i have a love/hate relationship with cardis, probably due to wearing them too often to cover up my tattoos rather than out of choice).

this is the second time i buy something from asos modeled by the above woman that i think is going to be big on me and then it hardly fits.
i think she is tiny AND skinny (i'm tiny too, just not skinny so i usually take a 6 or an 8 in tops (c cup) which is the size the models wear in the pics and on which i base my judgement in buying the right size).
nothing wrong with her being that way,  just be warned that if you see her modeling something you may want to size up.

i hope ikea and j crew also manage to get my orders here soon...

wish list

i'd love to paint our kitchen baseboard black, if we weren't renting living in a boarding school.

people in switzerland i've learned love their plain, knotty pine. 
to me, it just looks like yellow crap. honestly, it just dominates, and i wish to paint it all white, except for that black baseboard.

i'm also really into large photography like this one.

if we were to settle down somewhere i'd invest in some, as well as having a custom painting made (by jenny!) 

one can dream, right?

all pics from my pinterest

ikea mangsidig

ikea online

my ikea online shopping cart

i'm always a fan of ikea's limited edition series. 
it drives me crazy that you can't buy them online, but that's because i live on a mountain and the closest ikea is 2 hours away. 

add a carsick baby to the mix and that really curbs my urge to shop. 
 it also makes me grumpy (i hate not being able to go).

i'm a big fan of their online shopping feature, now that they've got the shipping costs down to 10 francs. my last order (above) was very basic. 

i probably  surely would have spent more than the shipping costs by grabbing random objects i didn't really need, had i gone (so i will take advantage of this feature until they figure out it's probably bad for their sales).


anyways i like what they did with their latest series.

it focuses on the women workers that produced the items. 

i think that's very worthwhile and i would be happy to support this kind of initiative.
it would be nice if retail tried to connect the people making the product to the people buying them. 

i think even for the most conscious consumer it makes a big difference to put a face on things.

one portugal trip coming up


portugal packing list

packing light this time since it's a beach trip (manta rota) and we're traveling with complicatedjet.

we'll also be briefly visiting gibraltar (i'm excited about seeing the monkeys and the husband can cross another place off his list).

in real life my scarf and leather sandals are from c&a (bought in berlin), the espadrilles, jean shorts and bag are from h&m (i still love it for basics), cami dress from asos (bought to sleep in but was too cute not to wear), pencil skirt and loose shorts (mine are basic, not lace) from zara.

it will be the first time we take anna swimming. she has a float vest and swim diapers and the smallest hello kitty shades. too cute.

i hope she likes the water and the monkeys too!

 i've managed to pack three days ahead of time again. can't help it apparently.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

mr. postman

lots going on with my credit card bill. 

my allergy to returns must have cleared because i've started returning stuff like a pro.

on the didn't make it list:

these boden high waisted shorts (mine were indigo) we'ren't quite right. i ordered two sizes up so they would't be too short, but then they hung just a tad too low to be comfortable.

i've replaced them with these h&m boyfriend shorts that fit much better.

i also sent back the colourblock cardigan that i got a lot of compliments on, but decided was a bit too clownish for me (and was an early piller)

i did like it a lot on the model though. i guess this is not what my mommyhood is going to look like.

i also returned these sandals (sorry boden!!)

they were comfy and a steal, but i decided the color would have had me wearing them about twice a season, so back they went.

i loved the stila long lasting lipstick (in the fiery shade) and the stila convertible color (in fuschia) so much that i tried to get a shade for daywear (called patina), but it was way too dark for me, so i sent it back to asos (who btw doesn't offer free shipping on small orders any more).

and last but not least, my first ever return to j crew almost broke my heart.

i stalked the viv flats for two years, and when these cap toe ones went on super sale at christmas i snatched them. 
boy did i love these shoes. they filled the void left in my closet from not being able to wear heels while carrying a ten chilo baby. sigh.

everything was going well until i noticed a hole in the point of both shoes, right under the cap toe, which meant they were done after only 6 months.

i was so upset i actually wrote to j crew's customer service, who refunded me and offered me the patent leather replacement for free.

here they are, color is called soft desert. they are maybe just slightly less comfortable than the soft leather ones, but i hope they will also have better longevity.

i haven't dared use them yet, in case the shoes i sent back aren't considered "damaged enough" or something. 
you never know. mercury IS retrograde after all.


some good news for boden: i actually bought something from them i think i'm going to keep.

i've been looking for some decently priced and non-distressed boyfriend jeans for a while. i was almost sure this would be a miss, but instead they fit great.

they're from the girls section. i sized down to a size 11-12 years (!!)

a final few more things i'm waiting for in the mail.

asos contrast stitch jacket on super sale.

the last two trips abroad we've taken i've had to take a cardigan with me because i couldn't find a spring weather jacket for a decent price.

i was cold! so this is a relief. 

i hope it fits ok (it looks a little boxy and it was the very last size 8 they had, so i took a chance).

and then from j crew (the 50% off section obvs) these cotton pique' shorts in black

and the amie maxidress also in black (i need to be honest with myself and buy more neutrals-i just wear them more and get less sick of them)

i like that you can dress these up or down. 

fingers crossed, as always, about the sizing (i got a 0 in the shorts because it was the closest size left to mine in black, and a xxs in the dress hoping it will fit shorter).

too bad they won't be here in time for my portugal trip.

i think i broke even with my budget this month.


happy father's day

happy father's day!

i think you're the best daddy ever, my love. 

you two together are my favorite thing in the world.

i'm back

i'm back, i think.

tumblr just kinda pissed me off.

bored me.

all those posts of food alternated to skinny models made me sick.

so back to blogger.

i'd just like to keep the name girl vs. mountain.

 it sums up my life-at-the-moment pretty well.