Friday, July 25, 2014

mud pie

yesterday i put aside my natural resistance and went with anna to scope out the kiddie park.

it was fun to push her in the swing but boy was my instinct right.

it was a nasty thing in my eyes, particularly because there was cement everywhere.

what is there to discover, i wonder, when there's no nature around you but only a man-made structure to play with?

and our village looks like this.

no lack of space or natural beauty as you see.

which brings me to this book that i thought was really cool.

i can't help looking at that sad kiddie park through a child's eyes and wish that there was more interesting stuff to research, get dirty with, scoop up and splatter around in the company of friends.

oh boy

i freaked out about these today.

mommy calling cards. 

from minted.

and these

but mostly these

these go straight to my birthday wishes list.

just because i'm a mom doesn't mean i don't need a business card like everybody else.



andorra packing list

one last trip coming up to end the summer vacations.

w.'s parents are flying in today from the states and are going to keep anna for us while we go off on our own for 5 days.

i'm so excited about being alone with w., enjoying being in a nice hotel, going out late and sleeping in. 

i plan on wearing high heels as much as humanly possible.

it will be the first time i'm apart from anna for more than a few hours since she was born.

i hope not to freak out about it, but wouldn't take any bets on that.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

fall forward

i've been waiting for boden's fall line to come out to buy a new coat for anna.

i'm now officially excited about the summer ending.

we loved this coat so much last year (in navy) that we bought it again in a different color. 

this coat is seriously adorable and how could i resist coral?

in case you need real life proof here is a seven months anna.

wee house

today we made this cardboard house for anna.

and by we i obviously mean w. 

i just had it pinned on pinterest in my projects folder.

it's the first craft idea we made for her, which to me means she's a big girl, even if so far she has just pushed it all around the house instead of hanging out in it.

it was a nice activity for a rainy day.

Monday, July 21, 2014

summer shopping

we had a good time at the beach, and i've been enjoying these summer sales, too.

we took advantage of a rainy afternoon to go check out the ikea sales.

i was thrilled to see they had the remnants of the brakig collection on super sale.

i was able to snatch these aqua pouf and rug.

i really have a thing for aqua. 

it works wonders with the chocolate brown sofas i've been trying to work around for ages
 (i've decided to ignore the fact we have a bright red front door in the same room).

i'm also excited to have found some shoes for anna.

they're hand made in italy, leather and with arch support. 

they were 50% off, so i bought them in two sizes and colors.

i couldn't have asked for more.

i highly recommend them.

i haven't been idle either, so no worries.

i finally hit a good streak with boden.

i got these gray jeans from the girls' section

and the ponte roma trousers that might be the most comfortable pants i've ever had. 

and i find leggings uncomfortable...

no need to hem either pair, so hurray!

and last but not least i've stocked up on tippi sweaters from j crew.

i got three, they were such a good price.

heather dove.

heather graphite.

heather turquoise.

the tippi count is up to seven.

three out of four seasons it's what i'll be wearing most days.

and now i'm off because my internet connection is lame today.

it's good to be home!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

beach part II

we're off to the beach in chiavari (yes, where the wedding rental chairs originated) tomorrow.

hopefully we'll be able to spend a couple of weeks.

i need my beach vacation to live on a mountain all year.

here are a few pictures that i hope will make you want to visit it.

the last picture is of our wedding reception!

first walking shoes

i'm on the lookout to buy anna her first pair of walking shoes.

there are so many options, from old-school sneakers to fringed mocassins to the classic t-straps. 

it's hard to decide.

i found this cute belgian brand on pinterest called anna pops (i love the name obviously).

they have the cutest shoes! 

every pair is special.

i wish i could go and have anna try them on in person. 

annapops shoes online store here.

ikea update

apartment therapy has a sneak peek of ikea's 2015 releases.

interesting stuff.

i like these pillows

and this couch

oh, and this throw, too.

also it seems that the ikea hackers situation is on the way to being resolved.

 there was also a link to a new ikea line called argang.

 i like the butterfly chair

this light pendant

and that coffee table is fantastic.

n'est-ce pas?



my summer must-haves:

button down shirts

black shorts

j crew viv flats (make your legs look longer)

bright lipstick (stila stay all day lipstick in fiore)

braided hair (stays out of your face)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

girl vs. salad

i feel like i've been stripped of my superpower. 
let's say like superman having to walk everywhere.

the fact is i suspect something has happened to me.

whether it's been pregnancy, getting older or the thyroiditis i had over the winter, i'm not able to eat anything i want any more.

in fact, i have to be really careful about what i eat to avoid putting on weight.

i am so frustrated by this. 

it's hard not to hold on to the past.

i've actively cut my portions down and i'm trying to get used to eating a lot of salads now that it's summer and it's easy.
what am i going to do otherwise when it's winter and all i want to eat is chocolate or cheese?

it's hard because i eat almost everything except...


i hate it so much. i'd rather eat cardboard.

so that's a challenge.

so far i've found two salads i like and have on rotation.

spinach salad

toss an emulsion of olive oil and soy sauce over baby spinach with shaved parmisan and almonds slivers (bread croutons optional)


mango and white bean salad

toss white beans and mango cubes with olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper. 
then garnish with lots of fresh cilantro.

are there any more equally easy saladless salads out there?

anna's room: from nursery to toddler pad

anna's room has already undergone multiple transformations.

i like changing things around to fulfill her needs (and ours). 

sometimes things don't quite work out.

here is what i'm still not fed up with after a whopping 14 months (record breaking for me).

1. h&m home duvet sets

they are so cute, modern and cheap. 

we don't have h&m home here in switzerland, so i sent my husband on a mission to buy two for anna when he was in london for a conference. 

i still love them.

2. woodland bunny light

i bought this on a whim (from ebay i think). it's too cute and anna likes to play with it. 

it will  also make a good night light someday soon, i'm sure.

3. ikea ribba ledges as book display

you've seen them everywhere and for a reason. 

books are decorative.
even babies like to stare at them.
they work so much better for toddlers than a traditional bookshelf (they can see what they're picking, as opposed to seeing only the book spines).

4. original art

i always knew i wanted anna's room to have a family wall with the pictures of her great-grandparents.

at first i tried to recycle things we already had around the house, but nothing stuck so i got some art just for her.

this cub print from sharon montrose and this donut print from the donut shop.

why? because we love bears and donuts in this house. duh.

5. painting things white

a vintage trunk, ikea baskets and doll bed

everything looks better with a coat of white paint. that's my mantra.

 especially true in kids' rooms, where there is always a lot of color from all their toys and stuff.

Monday, July 7, 2014

movie night

last night we watched the grand budapest hotel.
i love wes anderson movies and so does w.
it's fortunate because our tastes don't coincide very often.
we both enjoyed it very much.

beyond that it got us talking about the similarities of the movie with our lives.
our small alpine village is pretty similar to the set: beautiful, cold and isolated:
we live in a belle epoque building that used to be a fancy sanatorium, now converted to boarding school.
it got me thinking about what i like about living here. 
most people i know like the mundane aspects of the village life: the skiing, the school community, the outdoor life etc.
i suspect not many people (probably just w.) understand that i do like it here very much, but for opposite reasons.
i love the feeling of solitude and isolation, being by myself and reflecting on things.
i never feel bored.  i don't really need company or something to do.
i could never find myself in a crowd again for the rest of my life and not miss it! 
however i would undoubtedly miss the beauty of this place if we left.

watching this movie made me realize how much i love it here.
the girl vs. mountain match is still on, but for entirely different and personal reasons.