Sunday, August 31, 2014


i threw away a lot of shoes lately.

mainly cheap, synthetic shoes that get ratty after just a few months use.

so this is just a reminder to myself to stop buying cheap shoes.

it's not worth the money.

i also had to get rid of a pair of sperry's i never wore because they were too hot for summer and let all the water in on rainy days (which they would have been perfect for otherwise).

i got these audreys to replace them.

sperry's are usually comfy and good for walking in.

fingers crossed.

i just did the sneaker thing for too many years.

i plan on starting again around 60 when it will look cute again.

zara toddler

thsi year some of my favorite clothes for anna have come from zara.

the cat dress and bear print top were splurges.

but i also love these basics.

these leggings are made of soft sweathshirt material.

and anna is in love with these shoes i  got her on sale.

she cries when i try to take them off (shoes are a family obsession).

Saturday, August 30, 2014


i need this.


it's been a tough couple of weeks.

i'm still struggling with living on the mountain and some weeks the reasons just multiply.

in particular i've started noticing that walking around town is destroying my shoes.

literally. no exaggeration.

a combination of mountain roads+walking down steep hills=front soles of my shoes are gone

so now i have to wear walking shoes for outside and use my normal human being shoes just when i'm inside.


speaking of insanity, this morning a guy in a huge suv yelled and cursed at me and my toddler who was asleep in her stroller for not letting him by (he expected me to push the stroller off the road and basically into a cliff and when i refused that was the reaction).

who does that?

Monday, August 25, 2014

sweater weather

what do you do when all of a sudden you're cold, your daughter has a cold, it's just...COLD?

just keep warm, i guess.

i grabbed one of the j crew sweaters i've been stocking up on all summer like a good ant.

i'm quite pleased with how substantial these zara faux-suede/leather leggings feel, too.

still haven't figured out what shoes are appropriate for this weather.

transitional dressing is a bit strange.

i can't believe it's still august.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

birthday love

one birthday coming up, thank you very much.

i did a little bit of shopping from boden and kept two out of the four tops they sent.

i'm glad i over-ordered because the ones i thought were a sure bet (sparkly collar breton and red telephone top) didn't work while these two i took a chance on i am in love with.

they are very fancy and feminine, for me. 

i'll wear them when i want to feel special or on days when i feel blah and i need a pick me up.

both fit me in a size 8.

and of course, like every year (something about september?) i found a pair of boots i wanted.

they magically appeared on the j crew website the day i was idly searching for "the" birthday boots on the usual websites (zara, asos, shoeaholics, lands' end, boden and j crew aka the ones with the decent international shipping rates/return policies).

they were low in stock and a slightly smaller size than what i usually wear in boots (or j crew shoes in general). 

i took a chance anyways and even cancelled my other boot order i had just put in from lands' end.

i'm glad this impulse buy had a happy ending because they fit perfectly, are a gorgeous shade of brown (a bit darker than the picture but not a dark brown) and the heel is really, truly comfortable, whilst giving me a gentle boost in the height department.

i'm looking forward to the two of us getting old together, dean midshaft boots.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

after the rain

after the rain

i'm enjoying my morning walks with anna these days.

after the rain might me my favorite kind of weather to go walking in.

i'm always too happy to get out my red wellies at this time of year to be sad about a rainy day.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

trojan scarf

i was so good yesterday at h&m, mostly because the price/quality ratio is not for me anymore.

as i get older i like nicer things more and more.

i did however get really excited about buying a simple camel scarf (on sale, 5 francs).

two reasons for that:

1. i plan on using it to "warm up" the tops i have that are too cool and dark for my coloring. 
all my gray tops (they're not going anywhere), burgundys, dark greens, blacks etc.

2. i thought i looked terrible in camel but secretly i've always admired how classic, sophisticated and luxe it looks. oddly i tried this on and it looks good next to my face (it's more or less the same color as my hair).

online i have NOT been as good, obvs.

with my birthday coming up i decided to treat myself to a few nice tops from boden. 

i have a selection of four tops arriving and got carried away and totally forgot about not ordering in bulk because of customs. 

ugh. now i'll have to pay extra. i hope they're worth it.

i also may or may not have ordered two pairs of boots over one weekend. 

i'm hoping to cancel order number one (lands' end) and keep the second pair (j crew). 

plan b is return the second pair i like better so far (haven't seen them in person or tried them on yet) and stick with the first pair if they won't cancel my order.

now i'm tired. whew.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

color me

i've been wanting to do this for a long time.

i got a color analysis online from agnes.

i was told i am a light spring.
i couldn't figure out myself whether i was a summer or a spring. 
so now i know.
it makes a lot of sense to me and looking in my closet now i see where i was right (my love for navy) and where i was wrong (um, gray, white and black tops).
according to color me beautiful these are the colors i'm on the lookout for:
ivory, light warm beige, camel, light warm gray, light clear navy, light clear gold, pastel yellow green, apricot, light orange, peach, warm pastel pink, coral pink, orange-red, periwinkle blue, light true blue, light warm aqua, emerald turquoise, old tone or gold jewellery.
today i'm going shopping (officially for baby clothes) but i'll be on the lookout for some accessories i can use to fix some of the trouble areas in my wardrobe.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

saving money one pair of boots at the time

right before our last road trip to brussels (we decided against andorra last minute) i received the aw14 boden catalogue in the mail. 

i guess this image was stuck in my head.

i liked how they made flat, waterproof boots work.

we hit the zara sales that weekend and i ended up picking these up from the girls' section for a fraction of what their womens' shoes cost.

now all i need is a pair of matching tights and i'm all set.

i must have saved at least 100 francs.

i am also happy to report they look very nice with jeans.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

fall is here

it's going to be a particularly cool end of the summer here in switzerland.

i don't mind that much because...

boden's aw14 catalogue

j crew does the winter thing so much better than the summer thing

wearing boots

wearing plaid.

and because my pinterest winter looks folder is my all time favorite.

lipstick capsule collection

half way through my thirties i decided i would try to start wearing lipstick more regularly.

i can finally say i'm happy with my lipstick collection.

it took me a few years of tweaking and filling up gaps (i especially had trouble with the reds).

for a while i thought i had just gone lipstick crazy and just couldn't stop my search.

now i feel i have the right one for each outfit/occasion and i'm happy to say that urge is gone.

for going out/date nights

stila long lasting lipstick in fiery and fiore.

i love these so much. 

i never would have thought that a (slightly) darker shade of red (blue based) would have been the right one for me. 
i've always been more of a pink kind of girl. dark colors are not for me either. 

this one works, mysteriously. it's intense, but in a good way (as in i don't look like a clown, just a tad dramatic).

the pink one is way bright, but i don't have a problem with that. it's more playful, less classic. 
great to liven up an outfit, a rainy day, etc.

if i lived in a city instead of a small mountain village i'd wear these every day. they're  a bit addictive.

here i really stand out even when i wear them out for dinner (a regular going out to dinner outfit consists in jeans and hiking shoes around here).

my signature shade

it's nice to have a signature shade.

i bought this dior rouge in rose diablotine on a whim and ended up wearing it for my wedding.

i hope they never stop making it and sometimes wonder if i need to stock up. it's a romantic thing.

a basic nude

i only need one nude lipstick really, for days when i feel like wearing a ponytail and winged eyeliner.

this dior rouge in the color swan does the trick. it's girly with just a touch of retro.

every day wear

kate moss for rimmel in number five

i like to dab this very lightly on my lips for a natural color (similar to my clinique chubby stick in super strawberry but lasts three time as long). looks best with a pink cheek, like you've been running around in cold weather and got slightly flushed.

clinique sugared grapefruit

a present from my mother in law and what a surprise! it's the perfect coral for me, somewhere in between orange and pink and so cheerful.

bareminerals lipgloss in game changer

it took me forever to find a red i can wear for daytime and not feel garish in. 
the fact that it's a lipgloss keeps things interesting. doesn't look like you're trying too hard. a winner.

daily wishlist

i like this bando print very much.

captures the spirit of my life these days.