Tuesday, September 30, 2014

fall festive

fall festive

these days i just want to look like i came out of a joules look book (wishfully) but instead i always end up with something different that i'd call "fall festive".

as in my clothes are in fall season, but my accessories have started thinking about christmas.

i received the asos life story plaid flats in the mail this morning and i was pleasantly surprised at how comfy they are.

for the price point (19 francs) i was expecting them to feel like cardboard. 

instead the textile upper is very soft and elastic, and the sole is also very flexible. 
they even have a bit of padding inside. 

i added an insert that i can wash and that keeps my feet separate from the man made inner lining, sprayed them with a water protectant, et voila'.

Monday, September 29, 2014

mom uniform

mom uniform

mom uniform aka how to feel half-decent in five easy steps.

one- bright lip.

two- bold accessory.

three- cute top.

four- midrise jeans.

five- pointy flats.

it's like having a split personality: my top half glams it up while my bottom half chases the toddler around.

maxed out

ha ha.

it's not quite october yet and i've reached my budget limit for the month (i live by credit card months).

that's all fine and dandy.

i'm pretty happy with my october shopping, except for a few black based dresses i know will have to go straight back.

i just wish my packages would hurry up.

while i wait i'll make a visual list of the month's finds.

i love plaid, red and pointy flats. what could be better than finding these on asos for 20 francs?

probably just finding a pair of tan leather lace-ups for 35 francs (asos again).

i'm also excited about these flats from mango. with their 30% off sale they were a steal. 

but what really convinced me was the fact they're navy. 

that's so hard to find, especially for this style.

i dipped my toes in a new obsession this month: joules.

i'm waiting for their penton scarf which i found through a pinterest link, on sale for 50% off. 

it's very odd because if you look for it on their site it's not there, and certainly not for the sale price. 

so i will call it destiny.

i also got a navy joules vest from ebay, similar to this one.

it was pretty intense but i'm very pleased.

now you'll find me stalking the mail room.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

girl vs. tweaking


i've been on a tweaking streak to slowly phase out the colors that don't coordinate with the rest of my clothes.

navy in place of black.

true red vs. deep red.
tan in place of burgundy.
getting the black out of there was huge.
never and i mean never has getting dressed been this easy.
it's not a huge overhaul either. i guess i was picking out mostly "right" colors already.
now all i need urgently is a new tan leather bag.
fortunately i'll be going to florence soon where they have lots of nice artisanal leather shops and  where i'm hoping to find a good deal (or haggle some).
the bag i use the most and that i'm looking to replace is a faux leather one from zara that i got on sale for 10 euro 5 years ago and is literally falling to pieces.
i have no problem buying shoes but i'm super cheap and super difficult about purses.

date night

Untitled #73

i'm so glad it's the weekend.

in just a few hours (if we survive the crazy toddler afternoon) our babysitter will arrive and we'll be enjoying chasse season at our favorite restaurant in town.

the weather is so nice today (a rare occurrence on weekends) and i'm really happy i don't have to wear tights yet and can still wear flats a while longer.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

stay warm

stay warm

i have indeed inaugurated the boden british tweed shift today.

it's true that when you wear something that suits you, people notice and comment on it.
i should follow that lead more carefully. it's an asset.

 that inspired me to take the final and scariest step in my wardrobe revamp: get rid of all the black stuff.
according to my color analysis it had to go and it took me a while, but i finally felt ready.

i filled one of those large blue ikea shopping bags.
it's a lot of stuff and nice, too. some virtually unworn. lots of doubles.

i am just putting it aside for now. i don't want to do something drastic i might regret.
 now that i've weeded it out everything looks fresher and easy to coordinate. i could almost get dressed with my eyes closed and at worst i'd look like a boden stylist dressed me.

instantly i knew what i was lacking too, and started a mental list of what would be nice to add next.
  • camel pants
  • warm colored cords
  • brown oxfords
  • navy or olive vest
  • brown or tan sneakers
  • warm colored plaid shawl scarf
  • golden brown sweater
i actually feel like i have more because everything goes with everything.

i'm a little surprised even though the little voice in my head keeps saying "i told you so".

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

fall shopping

fall shopping

this is what i've been shopping for this fall.

new jeans, floral dresses, tweed, plaid, quilted vest (still looking) and stone keds.

fall is my favorite.


tomorrow i'm off to montreux and its wonderful h&m (best h&m in the area imo).

one of these will come home with me for sure.

it's funny how recently i've become a pattern convert when before i was phobic.

now i can't get enough.

i'm into florals too, which have never been my thing.

i'm really scratching my head on this one.

the countryside must be going to my head.

british tweed

i received the british tweed shift from boden today.

i had been stalking this style for a couple of seasons already and finally got it 80% off.

the size 6 fits just right. the reviews were helpful.

i really love the color (light camel base and bright pink lines) and the fact that it's so versatile. 

it looks great on it's own, with a cardigan (the brighter the better) and with a long sleeve shirt or light turtleneck underneath for winter. 

flats and knee high boots both work.

i could wear this every day.

yay for sales.

Monday, September 22, 2014


i have a major crush on joules.

i want everything, down to the farm animals (and the llama, of course).

girl vs. mornings


in the past couple of years i've had several big life changes.

got married, moved abroad, had a child.

which led to a total closet overhaul.
first by getting rid of anything too juvenile, to finish with finding some clothes that are functional but not fugly.

not an easy task.

i have many ideas about what i want to wear, but in reality i have about 5 minutes in the mornings to get dressed. 
let's say i have someone around who is impatient to get out of the house and likes to tear everything in my closet apart meanwhile.

i literally don't have a minute to think about what i'm doing, and so i end up grabbing the first thing that seems weather appropriate.

this is not ideal.

fortunately all that ruthless editing and tweaking left me exclusively with stuff i really like, so the grabbing works and keeps me relatively happy.

as in i'm not reaching potential, but i can live with myself.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

rain check


so much for a day off.
anna and i are both sick with a sore throat virus. 
and today was the only day off all week.
she had (has) a pretty high fever so we took her to the emergency room this morning, in the rain, just to be sure.
my new h&m wool blazer was really nice to wear on a day like this.
like a light, warm, wooly hug all for mom.

Friday, September 19, 2014

september walk

september walk

today was appropriately september-y.
i went for two nice long walks with anna.
in between the two it poured.
i can't ever seem to get my layers just right in between seasons.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

fall pastels

fakll pasterls

i'm really feeling the cuddly pastel colors this year.
as the days get cooler and the trees turn yellow by the minute normally i'd turn to black or gray.
go figure.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

girl vs. casual

i have a new pinterest folder.  it's called mom uniform and i love it.

fortunately this year casual comfy (aka mom uniform) is still in vogue so there's a lot of inspiration floating around out there.

even j crew and boden.

like so.

 i guess it means i've officially stopped fighting it and just got comfortable.

i still wish i had more occasions to dress up.

c'est la vie, i guess.

Thursday, September 11, 2014



the weather is here!
i'd been waiting to take my new birthday boots out for a test drive.
of course i landed right into a puddle getting off the bus with the stroller, but my waterproofing seems to have protected them well.
i also received the last of the tops i had ordered, the boden pleated top (on super sale for ten quid).

mostly it's just a great color but also nicely cut, now that i received the right size. 
i had to size way down on this one, to a uk 6 (i'm usually an 8 or 10).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014



transitional dressing is hard for everyone, right?
i had to change about four times today.

girl vs. wednesday

on the go

for all of wednedsays being my day off i've been doing a lot of running around today.

i would love to know who invented the ponytail and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

off again to get a hair chop.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

indian summer

indian summer

still having somewhat of an indian summer.

in swiss style: muggy with a good chance of rain.

getting outside as much as possible.

Monday, September 8, 2014

loving it


when j crew goes all 40% off sale items i get a bit dizzy.

grapped one final top for the birthday madness gran finale.

it's the lattice medallion popover. 

i got it for 20 francs. that's like h&m on sale prices. unbelievable.

and because i'm having a bit of a scarf moment i couldn't resist this one's surfboards.

when you open it up it has all of my favorite colors in it.

i hope now i can start behaving like a normal, responsible person again.

birthday months are made for being bad.