Thursday, October 30, 2014

summer at christmas

my family in rome asked me to pick out my christmas presents this year.

i'm very happy to oblige.


i've never been good at waiting (understatement of the century).

 how to get out of it?

genial. shopping strictly for spring and summer.

i liked the tweed sophie loafers from j crew so much that i snatched the other colorway too.

i'm really starting to see the lure of shopping in multiples.

 i squirreled away another wrap top from boden in a bright print.

topped by two pair of j crew chino shorts (color is what draws me back to j crew over and over again).

i went with neon pear.

and positano blue.

and i'm also waiting for this asos cotton swing duffle coat to arrive.

i went with the olive color since 90% of the coats and jackets i own are navy.

i hope i picked the right size.

fingers crossed.

the cherry on top would be getting some cute joules goodies but everything is so expensive and so is their shipping (not sure about their sizing either) so i find them difficult to shop from.

fall colors

fall colors

fall colors and i don't mix very well.

a khaki, red and brown palette is all you're going to squeeze out of me.

forget mustard, rust and burgundy.

fall is also making me hungry all the time.

maybe it's just the temperature drop but i have chocolate chip cookies on my mind.

i wonder if it's just me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

orange is the new red

i finally found the red lipstick for me...and it's orange.

and cheap. and long lasting. and matte.

here is ms. moss kindly modelling it in my place.

i've been looking for a long time but with no luck.

i tried stila's long lasting lipstick in fiery (too deep) and beso (too blue) because i like to put makeup on once a day (i can deal with reapplying lipstick once. that's how much patience/time i have).

i took a shot with the new rimmel apocalips matte in orange-ology and it just looks...right.

on me i think it looks more red than orange.

i can't believe my luck.

i also like that it's no transfer so i can kiss my toddler as many times as i want and not feel like aunt maude.

i got mine from asos.

new satchel

it's here!

the honestly priced leather bag i've been searching for so long arrived today (and the customs people totally screwed me over, using some dodgy exchange rate they found god knows where).

but still a great catch.

i'm so pleased with it.

and it's still available from topshop.

i signed up to for their emails and got an extra 10% off.

 36 euro for a medium sized leather satchel is not bad at all.

things i love about it:

  1. soft yet substantial leather. should last many years.
  2. timeless, yet practical.
  3. beautiful, warm chestnut color. bonus points for matching my new boots.
  4. great size and has two compartments, making it easy to look for stuff.
  5. gold hardware.
  6. i just really, really, really love satchels.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

shoe love

every year as autumn starts to creep in i fall in love with a shoe or two (last year was all about the pointed loafer and hunter wellies).

this year it's the loafer.

the j crew sophie loafer, specifically.

this will be my winter indoor shoe, perfect for snuggling inside while it's snowing.

i'm also falling for are these boots i bought in florence, from bata (great sale going on. stock up).

i really wanted a classic pair of chelsea boots to wear with jeans and skirts alike, but every pair i tried were either too clunky or cut too short and wide to work with skirts.

these fill that gap in my shoe collection.

i love the slightly pointed toe and their overall sleekness.

the way the top is cut (tapering in the back) also makes your legs look nice and tucks easily under skinnies (they have a back zipper that makes them fit just tightly enough) .

it's the first time i can wear an ankle boot with a skirt.

i feel like i'm a part of the civilised world again.

maybe one of these days i'll even wear a skirt again when i go out for a walk. imagine that.

just me

just me

cheers to another week of sunshine and long walks outside.

about layering (and trends)

everyone raves about layering.

i really hate it.

i can see all the advantages: it's practical, allows you to adjust to the temperature you want, adds visual interest.

i admire it on other people.

but on me it won't work.

for one i'm uncomfortable, forever adjusting whichever layer has decided to rebel that day.

if i wore the above my necklace would have slipped inside my sweater, the shirt would have risen and bunched up inside said sweater, and the blazer would be tugging and making me sweat.

not to mention i'm 5'3 and petite, but large busted.

you really don't want to break me up horizontally (especially the legs). 

or put me in an oversized anything.

 i start looking like humpty dumpty.

not a good look.

you see why i have a love/hate relationship with boden, for example.

cute. adorable.

many times have i tried recreating a similar look only to end up looking like an aged third grader.

i have to stick with streamlined and fitted, at all times and at all costs.

which brings me to trends.

i always end up trying a trend for a while (whether i resist it or not at first).

never been shy about it. it's just good fun.

but has any trend ever worked out for me in the long run?


neons, wedge sneakers, wide leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, slip on sneakers, statement necklaces?

no, no, no, no, no and no.

and all this just in the last year.

so i've decided i'm not going to bother any more.

the new trend i'll be following is being yourself, for better or worse.

is it too early for a new year's resolution?

Monday, October 27, 2014



my quintessential capsule wardrobe.

you will find me in a version of this most days, depending on the season.

Sunday, October 26, 2014



part of consolidating my shopping into a less scattered pattern has been the search for a "uniform".

it took me a while to see it when it really had been there all along.

center stage we have the midrise skinny jean of course.

and i have now reached quota 8 tippi j crew sweaters.

after a long saga i received the fantastic sophie tweed loafers i'd been salivating over.

i love them so.

this combo is what i want to be wearing all fall/winter while for spring/summer i've developed a real passion for the boden wrap tops.

i hope they keep making these because i need to stock up (i just ordered my third one).

as far as the j crew viv flats, no other shoe will do.

Friday, October 17, 2014

mid season

mid season

still enjoying the very last days of warm(ish) weather here.

i know it's fall but i've decided to treat it like spring and continue wearing a few brights while i'm in a mood to match.

meanwhile, more mercury madness.

i've been waiting all day for the courier to deliver and he is officially mia.

no chance now of getting my packages until two weeks from now (i'll be gone all next week on a school trip to florence).

i did however already buy myself a christmas present while i was waiting.

i have the hardest time finding bags, especially leather ones, for a decent price.
i waited and waited and finally got this classic leather satchel from topshop on sale for 40 euro.
i can't wait to find it under the tree.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

girl vs. retro

a different kind of retro this time.

i'm talking about retrograde mercury.

i've had it up to here.

i finally ordered a pair of loafers from j crew and after ordering the wrong pair, cancelling that order and hastily putting another one in lest they sell out...

i received this.

this nasty old pair of fugly ass adidas in place of my cute shoes?

now if that's not the universe acting perversely towards me i don't know what it is.

mercury owes me an apology (although i was warned about shopping online during a retro phase).

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



i'm always happy when there's a bit of a retro vibe going on.

this is how i'm doing it this year.

peter pan collars and i don't mesh too well.

i prefer the whole "love story"vibe.

it suits the mountain setting better anyways.

Monday, October 13, 2014



this morning anna had a doctor's appointment and it was raining hard so i finally was able to appreciate the zara boots i bought on a whim while in brussels.

they're from the girls section and are perfect for travelling, when i can't take my beloved hunter boots with me.

i got the idea from this boden catalogue picture.

if they ever get around to dealing with my returns (really, they're taking forever) i might need  to get that striped tunic.

it's calling my name.
i also opened a small online shop to sell some of my nicer (used) clothes and shoes. 
i even managed to add a link to my blog's side bar.
it's one of those days where i'm proud of myself (mostly because anna is doing so well).

Saturday, October 11, 2014



simple outfits are the best.

as are mornings spent by oneself catching up on this and that unhurriedly.

and how simple it is to get dressed on mornings you're all by yourself.


Friday, October 10, 2014



is it funny or what that one of the most versatile shoes i have are red patent flats?

really, i think they go with anything (or almost).

including pink lipstick.

Thursday, October 9, 2014



enjoying the last week of mild weather by going outdoors as much as possible.

i'd say this might be the ideal mom uniform for going out (with anna and friends).

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

back to basics

i received a couple of basics lately that i'm really into.

 these leather brogues i got from asos.

leather, 35 francs.

pair well with jeans, skirts and dresses.

the gummy contrast sole is cute and also means i can walk around in them without the sole falling to shreds like leather soles will.

and this cream top from zara girls.

lace detail, 15 francs.

a winner.

i'm appreciating basics so much lately.

the versatility and the price tag just make me want to pick them over anything else, even the fanciest stuff.

so when i had to send back the (smelly) quilted joules vest i won on ebay i just jumped right back in the arena and got the matchstick jeans in the light wash i'd been wanting.

i have a dark pair that i love so why not spend my money on something i wear every day?

i'm even not sold on getting another vest yet.

i'm talking real basic here.

Sunday, October 5, 2014



this is my version of hippie.

when i was little my mom had some clogs like these and i wanted a pair so bad, but they didn't make them in kid sizes.

whenever i wear my swedish hasbeens i feel like i'm channeling the 70's babe i thought she was.

boden sale is here

boden is having a mid-season sale.

i was good and didn't buy anything.

it helped a lot to decide beforehand what i really needed.

that didn't stop me from putting a couple of items in my basket (old habits die hard) but in the end i shook off the temptation.

i'm just going to stay put, return the items i decided to return, and then try to be very thoughtful about how to spend my credit.

i have to break the cycle.

i am also sadly reaching the conclusion that boden and i might not mesh.

something about the fit and the design not fitting my lifestyle.

so far the only things i loved are my two wrap tops

and the british tweed shift.

not a great turn out considering all the orders i put in.

i might have to stick to buying clothes for anna from them from now on (they're baby clothes are great).

Saturday, October 4, 2014


i can't stop thinking about the sophie embroidered loafers.

and time is running out. the sizes keep disappearing in front of my eyes.

i know they'll be gone by the time i'll be ready to get them.

i've decided i'm going to let time decide and not take matters in my own hands, for once.

of course i've been doing a lot of research for similar backups.

and look at those embroidered lovelies from talbots.

here  is a closeup of my favorite ones (although the gray ones with the acorn and the tweed ones are close seconds, and i would be happy to "settle" for the navy ones).

i am going to wait and see.

i'm still waiting for this month's deliveries to finish arriving after all.

the more i wait however, the more i think that it's worth waiting and spending a bit more for something you really love.

so i'll try to be more difficult from now on.

time will tell.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

wish vs. regret

i'm figuring things out, like what i actually wear vs. what i just stare at (in my closet).

so i have a big list of returns to make.

i wanted to love all of these but i didn't.

the boho top. not for me.

ditto for boyfriend jeans (with flats, which is all i can wear).

skirt and pink top worn too little.

basically don't fit my lifestyle.

sorry boden.

i hope you don't blacklist me.

moving on i'm working on next month's wishlist.

j crew loafers. i die.

matchstick jeans in a light wash.

i'm just going to embrace the fact i wear jeans every day. 

i love this color of tippi sweater too.

this boden shirt.

boden hoodie.

and scarf.

but what about this joules top?

or this one?

i'm sort of happy i have to wait because there are just too many things i have my eyes on.

what day of the month is it again?