Sunday, November 30, 2014

girl vs. budget

i love reading blogs for style inspiration as much as i love shopping online and seeing those packages trickle in through the mail.

one thing i don't love is the anxiety generated by having a budget to stick to (a good thing) when the way you shop is conducive to chaos (returns, exchanges, irresistible sales, etc. = bad).

i always ended up going a bit overboard every month before i came up with a solution in the form of a simple google excel sheet, as seen above.

it's so easy and i can also keep track of my shopping wishlist on the side. this is my sheet for december and i happen to have a christmas list there. everything adds up at the top of the sheet and if i return something it detracts that amount. it's foolproof!

i highly encourage anyone to try using something similar. i can now look my husband in the eye and truthfully tell him not to worry about the credit card bill being all over the map, because i have everything under control.

so no general feeling of anxiety for me and no surprises for him. genial!

p.s. you can see i reached my budget limit around the end of november, which means i have to be good for a couple of weeks now until the credit card cycle is over.

p.p.s. you'll find me pinning like crazy on my pinterest wishlist board at times like these.

under the tree

under the tree

i have to say i'm not making as much as i thought i would of black friday. i guess that's actually a good thing. 

i'm feeling very content just sitting here by the tree all by myself. 

naturally this morning i couldn't resist pulling out my plaids to try and blend in with our lovely, traditional christmas tree.

Friday, November 28, 2014



sometimes i don't mind being in the country so much, namely when i get to wear some of my favorite cosy things like cute wellies and fur scarves. my sister in law was just here for a week visiting from the states and brought over some festive nail polishes (she knows the way to my heart). 

it's amazing what a little sparkle can do for you.

today i'll find some in decorating the christmas tree. we're off to pick ours up.


i'm back to being my usual practical self. i'm excited about receiving my new joules wellies in the mail today.

i still love the red hunter boots that were a present from my husband for our first winter on the mountain. i'd say they're probably my no. 1 boot (they have a lot of competition) but these ankle wellies are truly a superb addition to my shoe collection.

best features:

easy to slip on
don't have to tuck pants in
elongate legs
fully lined in fur (that one sold them to me)
cute colors/design

i honestly had a hard time picking which ones i wanted. i love every single pair.

i'm pretty much smitten with everything from joules and highly recommend their faux-fur items (i have one of their scarves) which are 50% off right now.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

red red

red red

option 1

option 2
starchild earrings-tarina tarantino
glitter clutch-modcloth
glitter heels-manolo blahnik

i think the red on red trend will work for me during the upcoming festivities. 

i like to have options and then decide at the last minute based on mood. i suppose option n. 1 would work better in case of an indoor celebration and option 2 would be easier to take outside.

in the latter case i need to think about a viable coat option. i might need to throw in some festive faux-fur in form of a soft, not muppet-like jacket like this one. 

although the more sober and thrifty option would be my trusty zara wool belted coat from a few seasons ago. it's very much like this one and looks elegant with just about every outfit.

Monday, November 24, 2014

girl vs. festivities

i've been ill and spending way to much time searching online stores for something "sequin", "sparkly","glitter" or "gold".

you know the drill. it's that time of year when you start daydreaming of wearing festive little dresses to christmas/new year parties. it's a fact of life. unavoidable like this virus i've been battling (he's winning so far. i haven't been out since saturday).

all it takes to trigger the frenzy is one picture like this one, then i'm off.

we've all been there. but chances are i'm not going to find anything so fab and frivolous for the price tag i had in mind.

so my interest moved to the color red. festive, check. easy to reuse, check. more unlikely to be completely overpriced, check.

this red dress from asos lived briefly in my basket.

however confusion regarding which size to take to avoid looking like a salame made me rethink and move on.

i may be back for it soon, actually, because asos is now offering 25% off party wear, speaking about enabling.

still, i have a hard time imagining that the tight, pretty dress won't end up hanging in my closet unused for 364 days of the year. that rubs me the wrong way.

so after sleeping on it i woke up this morning to this picture in my pinterest feed (from style within reach).

aha. getting warmer, better.

so back to boden's clearance i went after these red bistro pants.

see? cute, red, wearable for parties or the playroom alike.

my zara silver glitter heels are extremely excited about meeting them.

i imagine that many other people out there are going through the same thought process of figuring out how to get their festive frock fix.

i got mine unxpectedly in form of pants this year, but it works for me.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

sick day

makeup is my strategy when it comes to sick days.

sure, some people can stay in bed and drink a lot of liquids, but how many moms can do that? zero.

this mimimal beauty routine gives me a rosy glow even when i've got two viruses competing for my body at the same time.

sick day

stila convertible color for lips & cheeks in fucshia/white kohl/brown mascara/l'oreal nutri lift gold foundation/maybelline brow drama/l'oreal concealer

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

staples of the season

i thought it would be fun to make a list of the things i couldn't live without in this season.
third year on the mountain and getting dressed in the morning is still SO confusing.
just this morning i looked outside and saw that the heavy snow from a couple of days ago had nearly all melted and gingerly put on some leather booties only to find the bridge to the train was covered in ice when i took anna to school.
yesterday i went out in my snow boots and felt like the abominable yeti when everyone was wearing sneakers around town.
i'm hoping this small visual aid might help me remember what is season appropriate in keeping me comfortable, warm and safe.
staples of the season

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

how not to hate the winter

a few small packages arrived today.

my whole wardrobe has been undergoing a major overhaul for the past few years with all the the moving to the mountains and having babies.

 i'm happy to say i'm plateauing now and focusing on the final touches, accessories etc.

so here's what came in today.

i got the hat during joules' latest sale because i can't stand the acrylic hats that make your hair staticky.
this one is 50% wool and does the trick.

i am NOT a hat person, mostly because i have a small head and a big nose.
this one is really cute and flattering (if i can wear it without running away from the mirror screaming).

this is my second boden breton and i love the bright color for winter.
i size up 1-2 sizes on these and i want one in every color....

the gloves are from the j crew kids section, and magically fit my small hands (i took an M). 
they are mostly wool so they're warm. and the writing is on the palm, btw, therefore discreet.

anyways, when the snow comes rolling through i always start finding fashion blog posts amusing because this is what i wore out today.


Saturday, November 15, 2014


you'd think i live in australia by my posts.

i've been maximising the advantages of shopping for the opposite season and ordered two bathing suits from j crew, thinking i'd keep the one i liked best.

but guess what? i like them both.

the first is this sailor stripe underwire tank.

i'm usually not a one-piece wearer but this one is so cute and not mumsy at all.

on a day when i'm feeling not-so-great, it'll be nice to have the extra tummy coverage.

  this neon string bikini is for when i feel great.

i like the highlighter orange color (aka neon mango). it oddly makes me look tanned even now that i'm not. i take that as a good sign that it won't wash me out.

funny that i've tried every bikini shape out there, and i've come right back around to the string bikini.

now let's talk about the crazy sizes...

the tank is a size 0 with D cup and the bikini is an M on top and an S on the bottom.

i had to think hard about it but i was spot on.

you could say that i wanted the tank to "contain" the tummy but also not to "spill out" of the cups.

i am by no means a D cup. i'm a solid C. still i'm grateful they make a different cup size.

as far as the bikini goes, i wanted the right amount of coverage on that one.

now if i haven't made you feel like getting a new bathing suit yet, let me just add that these were under 20 francs a piece and conclude my series of posts about my christmas presents (to myself).

Friday, November 14, 2014

yellow scarf

the craze continues with the aquisition of a golden yellow scarf.
a few ways to wear one?
with a red lip, a classic navy coat, breton stripes or other brights (not all together).

i won't be needing any extra cheering up this winter.
yellow scarf

Thursday, November 13, 2014


i've been having a thing with yellow lately.

i think i've found my color for fall.

it's finding it's way not only in my wardrobe but in the house as well.

in small doses it's so sunny, cheerful and unexpected.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


since i'm delusional and shopping for the wrong hemisphere, i've also naturally been putting together some easy, mom friendly (not really mountain friendly, but that's a whole other story) spring/summer outfits.

i've been longing to introduce some yellow in my wardrobe (i struggle with it in tops).
i love the bright citrusy color of my new pencil skirt.
isn't it amazing that a punchy color can be so versatile?
pencil skirt

Monday, November 10, 2014

no. 2 is the new tippi

buying spring/summer clothes for christmas is really working well for me (i posted about that here earlier).

the boden top didn't work out for me (sizing down=sausage casing) but i was lucky enough to spot something special to replace it with.

something i've been wanting to try out for myself for a really long time.

something i'm now feeling pretty obsessed with.

really, i've been stalking these skirts forever.

on sale they're about 100 dollars and even with 40% off of that it was still pricey for me.

until suddenly it popped up for 40 dollars and i ended up paying about 27 dollars for it.

i took a wild chance with the size, too, and got the 00 (not that i had a choice).

so i was pretty surprised when i received it today and it fits just right (a petite length would have also looked nice).

i've been a huge pencil skirt fan all my life, just never found a flattering one before. 

i guess this is a classic case of you get what you pay for.

the color, fresh citrus, is basically a chartreuse, very bright but also versatile (i imagine pairing it with navy and flats in spring, then moving on to white and brights with sandals in summer).

the skirt is lined and made of a nice thick cotton, so no bumps, just curves.

other cheaper ones i've had either made me look stumpy or were too tight to breathe in.

then since i had 20 dollars left in my christmas budget i threw in a bathing suit, this sailor stripe underwire tank.

not bad at all for 200 bucks: some loafers, a mac, two pair of shorts, a pencil skirt and a bathing suit.

ok, so what if i'm going to be seeing a LOT of snow before i get to enjoy wearing any of these? 

c'est la vie.


snow II

snow II
land's end squall parka/j crew midrise jeans/topshop leather satchel (similar here)(and here)/sorel boots/j crew tippi sweater/j crew wool cap

another favorite snow look of mine (and the last one i can think of as well).
for days when i'm feeling more tomboyishly cool.
meanwhile the snow has melted here, replaced by rain.
i'm amassing christmas presents for the whole family, most of which are warm weather clothes (i bulk shop mostly off-season at this point).
i'm starting to feel a bit all over the calendar here, with a foot and a hand in each season.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

oh snow

land's end squall jacket/j crew midrise jeans/topshop leather satchel (similar here)(and here)/sorel boots/j crew tippi sweater/joules hat


it's time for a new kind of uniform.

this one is going to last several months.

there's no other way.

i have no other tricks up my sleeve.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014



just as announced, the snow arrived today.

it calls for a subdued but sparkly outfit for lounging around and lovingly looking for christmas presents.

and a fresh gold tipped french manicure of course.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

fashion hibernation

fall uniform

today is the first day it has actually felt cold this fall.
and snow is expected for tomorrow!
here's to another fall uniform i've fallen for (comfort over style all the way this year).
soon i'll be wearing snow boots and a parka every single day and for a few months discussions on what to wear won't be an option at all.
i think it's nice.

Saturday, November 1, 2014



anyone else thinking of taking the dreaded family christmas picture today?

i can only assume this will be a first attempt, with no photographer and a toddler.

wish us luck.