Wednesday, December 31, 2014


in the end i surprised myself by deciding to wear my zara lbd and spice it up with a red and gold mani and some sparkly heels.

we're going to have a low key evening but we've stocked up on delicious food and bubbles and i'm looking forward to putting anna to bed and starting the party for two...

wishing a fun new year's eve to everyone!


Friday, December 19, 2014

holiday packing list

rome (home) for the holidays
peacoat-h&m (similar here)
skirt-j crew (similar here)
satchel-topshop (similar here)
motorcycle boots-j crew (similar here)
red flats-j crew (similar here)

in an unexpected twist my rome packing list had to be tweaked due to sunshine and mild weather.
few things are as wonderful as a crisp, sunny roman december day. of course when we go visit my mom in the countryside we'll need to have a couple of chunky knits to keep us warm but that's good because i actually never get to wear those around here (it's so hot indoors in nordic countries). 
i'm always happy when i can pack my flats in winter!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

mom looks 101

image via

i received my mango faux shearing jacket and i'm very pleased with it. it looks almost exactly like the above one, in tan. i'm also happy to report that i'm a healthy size m here in europe when in the us and uk i'm an unlikely xxs. so much fun with online shopping!

back to the picture, this is almost exactly how i imagined wearing mine on most days although i think it looks best over a skirt and dress.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014



i'm experimenting with stripping my makeup routine to the bare minimum. this is making anna very happy because she gets outdoors five whole minutes earlier!

i'm incredulous how little difference it makes. if you asked me a week ago i would have told you that i might die without my eyeliner, blush or brow gel.

what i definitely can't live without any more is a bright, long lasting matte lip!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

uncharted territory

every now and then i'll get up as usual one day and completely unexpectedly change direction. 

no good reason. all of a sudden i'm just done with a lot of stuff i considered to be my basics. this happens to me pretty cyclically. 

i get bored i guess. so i just put a bunch of stuff in storage and move on courageously.

i've been wanting a warm padded winter jacket that wasn't a sport jacket or a puffer for a while. when i saw this one i knew that was it. i ordered a medium on instinct, so it may look totally ridiculous (mango has some weird sizing).

i plan on wearing it over jeans and cute sneakers. it may look fab or make me look like a homeless person. it's one or the other for me!


up & down

up & down

if there's one thing that can make me happy with what i'm wearing it's striking that balance between dressing up and dressing down.

also sometimes you just need a furry hat to top an outfit off...


p.s. i'm excited because i have all those sneakers i ordered scheduled for delivery tomorrow!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


i know what i said about the sneaker trend not working for me but i have two pairs on the way nonetheless.

neither one in exactly my size either, mind you.

sometimes you just have to take risks. 

my thinking behind why these might work is the nikes have a nicely elongated shape (i have a small foot) and the color is not too garish. sometimes you just want to wear a comfortable shoe, you know?

for the zara ones everything depends on the shape. the color is what sold them to me. gold is my metallic neutral par excellence. the black and white you see around would never work for me (tan or navy, yes). and i always love the zara girl price tags!


Friday, December 12, 2014

bad cat

do you have cats?

this is winnie. she almost threw up a hairball under the tree and on our christmas presents today.

seriously, what is their damage?


season's greetings

i'm so excited about our christmas cards this year.

just look at that cute mug!

i also love that anna's two favorite friends (bom the bear and jai the hedgehog) made an appearance.

they are, after all, part of the family...


christmas dinner

christmas dinner

here's what i ended up wearing at the christmas dinner party i attended!

i thought it would be interesting to pair my navy fluted zara dress with ivory satin shoes. then i threw in a faux-fur scarf for texture.


zara dress
kate spade heels
kate spade bracelet
joules scarf

Thursday, December 11, 2014

denim fast-last day

dress-zara (similar here)
glitter heels-zara (similar here)

the final day of skipping jeans has arrived. 

i have a dinner party to attend tonight so i'm ending on a high note. 

dressing up in a dress and heels is almost as easy as staying at home in your pajamas. i just wish it would happen more often (both those things, actually)!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

denim fast-day 6

day 6

this is what i grab to wear when i have half an hour from when i get up to when i need to be out the door and i want 10 minutes to spare to blog quickly...


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

girl vs. snow

someone took well to the snow today.

hint: it's not the person that named this blog. she's a beach person.


denim fast-day 5

day 5

turtleneck-j crew
hat-h&m (similar here)
duffle coat-topshop
motorcycle pants-j crew (similar here)
gloves-j crew

woke up this morning to a landscape completely changed by the snow.

we even had some deer tracks in the parking lot below our place.

today i'll be taking anna for her first real walk in the snow.

Monday, December 8, 2014

denim fast-day 4

day 4

earrings-j crew (similar here)
pants-j crew (similar here)

i heard that it can be very dangerous to one's health to try and dress up after a full day spent in your pjs.

p.s. the snow has arrived, probably for good this time.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

denim fast-day 3

it's not cheating. it's just a pajama day today (and long overdue).

i have a whole set of these pajamas: i bought the robe for my wedding and also wore it at the hospital when anna was born. 

then i received the pajamas for christmas last year from w., followed by the matching shorties and cami dress for our cotton wedding anniversary.

i love them so much i can never wash them fast enough.

wishing everyone a relaxing sunday!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

denim fast-day 2

day 2

bauble necklace-vintage (similar here)

i snuck a denim shirt in there today. so my goal is to not wear jeans.

i feel this might be the most comfortable combination in the whole world. i must keep this in mind for when we travel. it's the ultimate airplane outfit.

still feeling meh (anna just keep bringing these bugs back from daycare) but at least i don't feel like a total slob, when a skirt would never have done the trick today.

Friday, December 5, 2014

denim fast-day 1

since i'm on a roll about wearing skirts these days i'm going to try not wearing jeans for a week.
hopefully i'll get out of this lazy habit i've put on of grabbing my skinnies in the morning and calling it a day.

i've been adding some very selected (for comfort, versatility and color) pants to my wardrobe and got rid of all the ones i wore  maybe once a year which honestly were just getting me down.

so far i've amassed four pair.

j crew motorcycle pant in fatigue (similar here)

with one more on the way.

what i love about all of these is that they fit like skinnies and their colors, that have to be either neutrals or brights (anyone else missing the colored jeans invasion of a few years ago)?

i get seduced by different silhouettes from time to time. how could i not? on the right person loose or column pants are so elegant and unexpected. bootcut and flares give the impression of longer legs. peg pants and joggers look so comfortable and understated and chinos are timeless.

but i've learned how to stick on what works for me. in a nutshell i'm petite and i wear flats. so skinnies forever.

just trying to expand my horizon a bit here and mix things up for at least a week.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

red bistro

red bistro

i received my red bistro crops from boden this morning and they're irresistibly bright and comfortable (i ordered a uk size 6 so they wouldn't look baggy).

i'll grab jeans over any other kind of pants on most days, so i'm always hesitant to add something to my wardrobe i'm afraid i won't get much use out of.

i do think i'll wear these a lot, especially in the winter. they're such a nice contrast with the snow.

i also really love the fact you can dress them up or down very easily.

i'm wearing these to a christmas concert tonight, but plan on wearing them for new year's, too, with lots of glittery accessories.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

rome (aka home) for the holidays

rome (home) for the holidays

maybe it's a bit early but i've already worked out my packing list for rome this christmas. 

i'm bringing all of my staples and a big cheerful yellow shawl scarf to lighten things up just a bit. 

nothing fancy for me, especially since we'll be staying in the counrty for the majority of our visit (although we're sneaking in two nights in the center). think mud and dog hair.

it'll be a nice little rewind session since i'm pretty sure we'll be knee deep in snow around here next week and for the months to follow. we've only been too lucky so far.

Monday, December 1, 2014

gone walking

gone walking

how interesting that i'm back into wearing skirts again now that the weather is decidedly taking a turn for the worst. 
i went out walking in the fog like this this morning. no worries, though. walking up the hills we have here will have you sweating in the middle of a blizzard.

i've been wearing jeans every single day for over two years now (since i got pregnant, i blame maternity jeans for getting me hooked) when i used to be such a skirt person.

maybe i'm making my way back after going full circle?

never say never. there might be life after kids.
or it could just be a phase.

i'll keep you posted.