Friday, January 30, 2015

wide leg

sweater-mango (similar here)

i've gone and done it again. last pair of wide-legged jeans i got i wore very little. but then i saw this picture from the filippa k fall 2015 show and capitulated.

or rather i thought "i want to be her right now"! 
that's my signal to try again even though i failed the first time around.

so this is how i would wear mine: with biker boots, a shearling jacket or teddy coat and a dolman sweater. warm, practical yet eons away from the parka+snow boots rut i'm in at the moment (70 cm of snow today).

it's nice to try and change things up a little every now and then. worse thing that can happen is i end up looking like a hobo muppet (dr. teeth?) and bury the jeans in my closet to r.i.p.!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

petite wardrobe refresh

petite wardrobe refresh

around this time of year anna's clothes get too small all of a sudden and i have to scramble to get a new wardrobe started for her. basic is the key word around here. she'll grow out of things again in three or four months anyways.

last time i overbought but i think i'm getting better at this now. i love zara for kids' basics. all their clothes are cute without being too cutesy, lots of neutral colors for versatility, and if you stick to the basics the prices are acceptable.

then i usually round this core wardrobe out with a few inexpensive dresses and tees from h&m and a couple of special items from boden, like this puffin sweater from the boys' section (20% today)

but i also have my eyes on this dress!


Monday, January 26, 2015

true to self

coat-h&m (similar here)
my mom tells me as a child i'd insist on going to the park dressed all in white, and bafflingly remain perfectly clean every time.
i guess i pulled another one of my old tricks today. 
i meant to simply take anna to the kiddie park since she's really into climbing these days. turns out there was at least half a meter of snow on the ground and i was in sneakers instead of snow boots. 
it was really very naive of me but i'm happy to report that my white shoes came back looking pristine, true to self.

i swear we did play (and as a child i did, too)!


p.s. the teddy coat was fantastic. my feet froze but my bum was so toasty.

Friday, January 23, 2015

new year, new budget

back in november i wrote about  my tricks to stay within a monthly budget.

this year i'm about to face a bigger challenge yet as my budget will be cut (volountaily) by 40%!

normally i would see this as a catastrophe BUT i'm very happy with the lifestyle change that is behind the budget refresh, which is to add an extra day for my daughter to go to daycare.

plus, i love a good challenge. telling me i can't do something is the best way to get me to do anything.

however i do think i will need to get creative about this one. my spreadsheet will have to go, as will the hunt for the best deals around.

instead i think i'll aim to decide month by month what item i need to add to my wardrobe the most and just go for one big ticket item.

my thinking is that instead of seeing this as a loss (in quantity) i'll perceive a gain in terms of quality instead.

wish me luck!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

mini artwork

i've been a serial lowbrow art collector all my life. comic books and gig posters being the greatest influences.

it's always been my weakness. ever since i had a little spare money in my pockets i couldn't resist getting my paws on anything i liked that could (if barely) afford. and never regretted it of course.

naturally since becoming a mom i've been slowly building a small collection for my daughter anna.

i just added another piece today that i felt was perfect.

i love monochrome in a kid's room because stands out amongst all their colorful possessions without tiring the eye. and i've always had a soft spot for bunnies....and pirates. in other words we had to adopt him.

he joins these other friends (we also have a thing for donuts and bears in this home).

i think these fit right in with the personality of a soon to be two-year-old!


the art of streamlining

there's a lot of talk about the art of layering but streamlining is more my kind of animal.

everything must fulfill a function or it becomes a burden to me (i'm the same way at home).

this might be my ideal outfit this winter. dark denim (slimming), leather sneakers that hold up on the snow, baggy sweatshirt, bright lip (for vanity) and a quirky beanie for warmth.

you could add any kind of coat over this to mix things up a little. to me it's perfection!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

lighten up

i know it's a touch early but i'm already sick of winter. in case anyone reading was wondering what the blog name's all about, this is it in a nutshell. i'm so over it.

of course there is nothing i can do to defend myself but lighten up on the denim, wear bold stripes and shiny shoes. i have to say the snow reflects the light very well making the outfit dazzling at times.

nothing dazzling about being snowed in on a mountaintop (unless on vacation).

Monday, January 19, 2015

stolen from the boys, belted like a woman

stolen from the boys, belted like a woman
bag-vintage (similar here)

i love my new desert boots (an underused style).

they're from j crew and have an amazing pointy toe which made me want to try them even though i have failed miserably with this style of shoe in the past.

i'm so glad i tried again.

over the christmas break i saw my best friend in rome wearing her desert boots and she looked so cute that when i saw these online i had a pavlovian response.

 on me (petite, small foot size) the classic desert boot style looks stumpy. that happens often to me so i know to look out for a pointy toe. it's always a good friend.

i'm also loving their masculine vibe (somehow it makes me feel very feminine, by contrast). there is such a thing as too much of a good thing though, so ideally i'd wear these with my most ladylike coat.

in real life i'm not sure what i'd wear them with if i were to actually venture outside for more than 10 minutes since we're pretty deep in snow here and sadly "city coats" can't cut it.

this whole snow thing is still an experiment for me!


Monday, January 12, 2015


i received some metallic loafers in the mail today (boden girl section) and immediately changed into this.

the beauty of wearing loafers is that they look good with cute wool socks, becoming acceptable winter footwear.

something about this outfit makes me feel a little bit like a french girl (of the blond variety).

maybe the masculinity of the shoes, socks and jacket combined with the flirtiness of the soft stripes, silver leather and pink lipstick?

in any case it feels good on.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

mom looks 101

mom look 1

oval crossbody-vintage (similar here)

up there is my favorite mom outfit of the week that i've tried to recreate using what's already in my wardrobe (below).

i love how versatile this look is. you could easily swap the booties for knee high boots, white sneakers or pointy flats depending on the weather and it would still work!


Friday, January 9, 2015

in great company

i'm so happy i'm not alone in jumping on the white sneaker bandwagon. in fact i'm still in great company. 

mine are from mango (on sale).

i love how minimalistic they are. i haven't felt this way about a pair of sneakers for years. i hate how juvenile they make me look, but these ones feel sophisticate and yet so practical.

today i wore them with my new j crew dolman sweater (xxx-small???) and light wash matchstick jeans. i love wearing light colors in the winter without falling into a spring palette.

matchstick jeans-j crew (similar here)

i could wear this every day and maybe i will. i find it so hard to get dressed in the winter so it works better to stick to a uniform of sorts.

i can't wait to wear my new teddy coat with this!


i found the one

i've been looking for "the" casual gray dress. looks like i found it. 

as i was saying yesterday i thought i had missed out, but it was a blessing in disguise since i had probably ordered the wrong size the first time around. i sized up to an s on this one and it's still form fitting; without being tight. so if you're interested size up one!

i thought it would be very thin and summery but i was pleasantly surprised by the fabric and weight. it's a very cuddly terrycloth and the skirt portion has a double layer which is excellent for smoothing out and keeping your bum toasty.

i'm so glad the search is over!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

sale aftermath

sale aftermath

wow, these sales have been a battleground. 
i'm still waiting for both pairs of boden shoes that were shipped out way before the 8 working days they say the delivery will take. 

i received the mango bag that was a huge disappointment and is going back. it's been mangled in the mail and the strap is not adjustable but mostly it just looks cheap. should have known better than to break my own rules (only leather bags & shoes).
the zara sweatshirt was huge in the shoulders and the dress's material felt cheap and had this strange high neckline. buh bye.
but the trophy goes to topshop who didn't have the sweatshirt in stock any more yet dispatched the shoes without giving me a chance to cancel my order or add something else or even just telling me in advance. i would have never paid for shipping for just one item. beyond that i would have liked an apology, perhaps a discount. boo!
the j crew sweater and tee were great, but even they managed to mess up and cancel an item on me (at least they offered an apology and 20% off which really made it ok). 
i'm just baffled about all this post christmas/beginning of sales chaos. 

so here is what i added to compensate for the losses.

this was the item they cancelled which must have reappeared since it's now on its way to me. 

j crew covered button crepe blouse in navy (similar here)

these last two were a steal! i tell myself to quit asos but it's hard to argue with a pair of decently designed jeans for under 25 and a coat for under 35...

so that should be really all. 
it would be nice to get these deliveries by valentine's day!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

capsule 2015

capsule 2015
one of the first things i did in the new year was tackle my clothes. i went through my closet and separated all the pieces i love from the ones i have any hesitation or reserve about.

that was pretty radical as it left me with about 30-40% of my belongings.

the above is what i really like to wear, right now. mostly basics, mostly light neutrals with navy for contrast and a red shoe to add some color.

the second result was to make me feel extremely wasteful about accumulating so much stuff on a whim, to try it out and see, or to try and channel someone else we want to be...

but it's true that we need to learn how to be wrong sometimes if we want to grow and discover what's to keep in our lives.

so i tell myself i shouldn't feel bad. just mildly embarrassed, which i'm ok with.

i'm also sure that as the warmer months approach i might want to grab for some of the more colorful items i stashed away to help me balance out the capsule wardrobe.

it's been a productive and honest start for me, if not a grand one!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

sale picks

sale picks

i've done my part of shopping the sales this year. and of keeping the postal system alive.

i've been searching for a new sweatshirt for a while. you can see how i got carried away with a ruffled one, a v-neck AND a sweatshirt dress (i take comfort seriously).

the one i bought is also gray. you might notice how i tend to wear mostly neutral, light colors in winter (with the exception of navy). something about the snow. it gets me every year.

and of course i always have some shoes on the way. i'm not even going to try and justify that. i can't and won't resist a cute pair for a steal!


winter challenged

when it comes to the deep winter months here in switzerland, i've learned that less is more in terms of options.

you will find me in this every day, with the possible exception of swapping those boots for these taller ones in case of walking in deep snow.

deciding what coat and boots to wear before leaving the house simply grinds down on my nerves and i just end up being cold or uncomfortable just for the sake of variety. 

which is not what i'm striving for in the winter here. i'd describe my goal more as "survival".

you could call that my new year's resolution.

it's a pity but i'll be happy to be reunited with my duflle coat, my shearling jacket and my wellies when stuff starts melting again (that's when most people start posting about spring outfits btw).

i've always been the one ready to jump in the next season a month earlier than anyone else so this is a tough exercise for me!


Friday, January 2, 2015

70's vibe

my must haves include crossbodies, shearling, glammed up menswear inspired footwear, turquoise jewellery, dangly earrings, high waisted denim, lip gloss, pull on boots and striped shirts.

i actually already own most of these things which is a good sign they might suit me without looking clownish (always the challenge when going retro).

right now i'm just waiting for some metallic loafers and a new crossbody to arrive in the mail. no rush since we're currently knee deep in snow here.

i encourage anyone out there who might have a different lifestyle than mine to go all out studio 54!




are you doing the seventies thing yet? and if so, what style are you going for? 

i like the sleek, feminine vibe. tall pull on boots, tight denim skirts, deeply unbuttoned stripy shirts. 

to me nothing says seventies quite like turquoise. my mom wore it a lot when i was a little girl, so that would be my signature finishing touch.

happy 2015 btw!