Friday, February 27, 2015


oh boy. and i'm guilty of shopping it again.

like every year. i just can't resist.

here is what i bought.

one for the home, one for me. can't go wrong.

this is what my husband calls "funny math"!


Thursday, February 26, 2015


i'm worming my way towards spring.

here's what i'm looking forward to:

1. wearing flats

2. wearing faux leather skirts and shorts

3. wearing peep toe boots

incidentally this is my latest shopping spree.

see? i'm ready for spring although i'm fighting for every inch here!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

first of spring

first purchase for the new season!

normally i'm as frugal as can be (for a shopaholic) but i couldn't risk having these affordable sandals from mango sell out on me.

i've been looking for some tan sandals for a couple of seasons now, but somehow missed finding any that fit the three criteria i had in mind: affordable, comfortable and feminine in an unusual way.

i'm really liking the fashion choices for this spring/summer. there's so much to choose from, so much interesting stuff. you can just pick what suits you to get an easy update to your wardrobe and make a statement without looking clownish.

my inspiration was 100% zara this time.

i think these sandals will be so easy to wear this summer with dresses, minis, midis, shorts-anything!


last of winter

new boots! 
it's been so balmy lately, i've even gone for a walk with no coat on this week. but i won't be fooled into thinking this is the last of winter yet. 

still i've been dying to wear something other that jeans, skirts and dresses possibly, but i was lacking the right pair of winter boots. i found these ones in charcoal that have a wearable hidden wedge from bata online. they were 70% off and a pretty good catch.

my inspiration for how to wear these is 100% emerson fry.

i'm 38 years old and petite. i've loved mini skirts all my life but it gets harder to pull them off as you get older. you want to aim towards sophisticated, not tarty or mumsy.

minis and mini-dresses, come to me now!


Thursday, February 12, 2015


it's been an intense week of work with a few lovely perks: a long weekend starting tonight, a couple of shiny belated christmas gifts and mercury finally going direct.

we've also been soaking up some incredibly warm sun this week. what a nice break!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

season faves

season faves

fur coat-topshop
cropped jeans-j crew (similar here)

instead of pining for pastels & spring (which sounds like a blog name) i'd rather list my top favorite items of the season.

most of these were a surprise and an impulse buy, on sale of course (does anyone buy anything not on sale any more)?

i simply love the faux fur coat and dark wide legged jeans combo. after buying a big fuzzy borg coat earlier this year i also snatched this b/w striped fur number from topshop. fingers crossed about the sizing, i haven't received it yet. if it arrives at the same time the jeans are ready at the tailor's then it's truly a meant to be.

the mango sneakers are absolutely practical but feel fresh at the same time, the holy grail for footwear. i've worn them about town in the snow several times now and they're still going strong. i love to wear them with cropped jeans and a very simple grey coat!



coat-h&m (similar here)
sweater-mango (similar here)

celebrating in february can be a bit of an aesthetic challenge. this is one of my favorite casual outfits up there (we went shopping).

out for a date night i just want to throw on a dress and some pumps, but it's tights and boots instead.

it's been super cold this week with tons of snow and fog. needless to say the temperature was way below freezing when we went out last night but my trusty borg coat kept me toasty once more.

it took courage just to wear a skirt!


Friday, February 6, 2015

snowy date night

snowy date night

it's my husband's birthday weekend. we started the celebrations yesterday with cake and pina coladas, tonight we're going to the cinema and tomorrow we have plans to shopping and then out to dinner.

what present could a parent of a toddler possibly want more than a babysitter for the whole weekend?
in my book february is 200% better than january between birthdays, valentine's day and it being such a short month!


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

navy is the new black

lots of great basic buys this month, lots of navy. 

i never wear black any more so i love navy. it's the darkest color i can wear at the moment, somehow it doesn't wash me out the way other typical winter colors do. i love the contrast it adds to my predominantly light wardrobe.

the dolman sweater is incredible, i love the wide ballet style neckline and the loose, tapered fit. you can just throw it on and it looks great with just about anything.

the mango wide legged jeans fit surprisingly well. i bought them in two colors and two sizes and had a hard time deciding which one to return. i decided for the smaller size in the dark fit in the end. i think it's incredible that i managed to score a pair of jeans like these that fit on the first attempt and on sale. they make me look tall and i'm 5'3...

now i just need to get some serious hemming done!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

get out

get out

wool cap-stella mccartney (similar here)
coat-h&m (similar here)
boots-sorel tofino
sweater-j crew (similar here)
jeans-j crew
bag-cambridge satchel

it's cold outside! over a meter of snow and a strong wind that is causing a blizzard. 

i'm heading out for a play date at anna's friend's house soon and i'm so happy to have my teddy coat to keep me warm. it's even warmer than my squall parka and i was surprised to discover it looks fine paired with snow boots, too.

you could say this is my ultimate snow warrior outfit!