Thursday, April 30, 2015



i've always loved going monochrome but sometimes i ended feeling a bit drab. 
not since i've been following the third piece rule, though.

my trusty stila lipstick (in the fiore or carina shades) is often the magical number three that brings things back to life!


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

skate girls of kabul

if you're lucky enough to live in or close to london, this exhibition seems amazing:

"Jessica Fulford-Dobson won 2nd prize in the 2014 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize with Skate Girl, 2014, just one of a series of works made on location in Kabul, where young girls from poor and displaced families were being taught to skateboard as a hook to get them back into full-time education."

these pictures gave me goosebumps!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

and then it snowed

pinstripe vans-j crew (similar here)

that's right. i had just barely finished writing about my new summer sandals that it snowed.

not a big shock or a problem, really. i got to wear my new navy pinstripe vans (that i got on sale for 15 francs).

not bad!


Monday, April 27, 2015

summer sandals

these are awesome. 

birkenstocks might be the most comfortable sandals out there, but i always had a problem with the leather lining making my feet feel too warm and therefore not being beach appropriate.

these are cheap, lightweight, washable and just as comfy as the original ones, if not more (the foam is soft). 

and i love that they are monochrome. once again i wasn't a fan of the brown leather inner.

now i can walk up and down the mountain without getting blisters or ruining my leather sandals!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

simply spring

simply spring

i like spring so much for a reason: every few days it's like being in a different season and so i get to wear about 75% of my clothes and shoes. 

i love the variety it offers.

it really is a treat from nature, coming from months of wearing the same coats and boots and moving towards months of wearing shorts and sandals.

it also happens that spring colors are the most flattering for me so it's easy to get dressed.

spring wins across the board!


Saturday, April 25, 2015

on with pants

on with pants! it's what my two year old says when she wants to get dressed. 

it's what i would like to do, too, if i could only find the right navy pants i've been searching for.

all the previous contenders have been sent back: the zara pants too big and too long, the campbells too long and the curator pants were the wrong size (haven't seen a pair of pants make my bum look so big since the 80's).

so here i go again with these wool sweatpants. i'm starting to feel a lot like a deer in the headlights.

who knew it could be so difficult to break free from the skinnies!


Friday, April 24, 2015

take a tour of my dream home

this post is going to sound a bit crazy. so be it. 

a while ago i had a vivid dream of a house, or rather an apartment. when i woke up i made a special mental note of it because in the past i've dreamt of my next, future house in advance for every single house i've lived in during my adult life. this would be the fourth time (i actually skipped one, temporary apartment). 

now i know this sounds insane but when i was apartment shopping i was able to walk in and "recognize" the place. even now that i live in a boarding school, in a building that used to be an old tb sanatorium, i was dreaming of the place constantly way before i ever visited it in real life. 

weird, creepy and cool. just how i like it.

when i saw this picture on pinterest i realized it looked a lot like my latest "house" dream: the light, the windows, the layout.

this particular apartment is is stockholm (i wouldn't mind that)!

but it could be anywhere really, it's a pretty simple layout. i'll be on the lookout.

in any case this got me excited about what elements of decor are must-haves in my ideal next house. 

here is a visual list from my pinterest home folder.

if i were to get half of my wishlist i'd be happy!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

between seasons

between seasons

i've always had trouble with in-between seasons dressing, mostly because i'm awful at layering.

this wacky sweatshirts and shorts combination is the one that has kept me the happiest recently. 

coming from rome i never really understood the sweater and sandals mentality, but living in switzerland i'm starting to see its practicality.

next week might bring snow and wellies!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

stila girl

when i find a makeup brand i like i stick to it. right now i'm a stila girl.

i realized that some of my makeup was getting old and decided to stock up on a few new spring/summer colors.

it was hard to pick just two!


Monday, April 20, 2015

a new contender

the navy pants saga continues, here is a hybrid between the first two candidates. 

i hope i find my ideal pants soon. it's getting too hot for jeans around here!


turning two

happy birthday to my little love, anna!


renewing the art

it's no secret that i like to switch up the old art around the house, in particular in the living room, where one mostly lives (hence the name).

so when i saw those awesome oversized b/w kids pictures on my pinterest feed i got right on it, picked a couple of pictures of anna and went straight over to shutterfly to get my 20 x 30s,  picked up two frames for them at ikea and now i'm super excited about hanging them over the couch tomorrow.

as far as the beach photography i've been stalking and stalking some of my favorite photographers but i was never able to commit due to the priciness and looming custom fees and then bam! this print shows up for sale on urban outfitters and it's perfect-just how i wanted it. i only had to wait around two years.

i know beach photography it's a bit trendy but i think it can also look very classic, and beyond that it speaks to me because i am 100% a beach person-living on a mountain.

so there's no doubt in my mind that i earned this!


Saturday, April 18, 2015

on a quest

i'm on a quest to find the perfect navy pants that look sophisticated and laid back at the same time, and feel like wearing pajamas. why not?

i have my share of skinnies and am looking to branch out without straying too much from my usual style (i've been known to leave pants to die in the pants drawer).

first i bought the zara ones-they're too long and poly (which weirds me out) but they do have that slightly slouchy pj feel that is so seducing. could i alter them, and get used to poly on my lower body?

so while i wait to decide if they're the ones i went ahead and snatched the j crew campbells on sale. they caught my attention with their slight flare and i liked the fact that the material they're made of (cotton) is not alarming. but will they end up feeling like work pants, even though i plan on wearing them with sneakers?

and how many pairs of pants will i order and return on this quest?

only time will tell!