Thursday, February 25, 2016

i'm all over...

...fur jackets and combat boots.

i recently bought a fab pair of combat snow boots from clarks (called meroda spritz, if you, like me, are in need of snow boots with an urban edge).

i'm still on the hunt for "the" fur jacket. i've tried many on but they were all too big or too muppet-like, and of course my shopping options are limited here on the mountain, but i'm patient!

(all pictures from stockholm streetsyle)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

crunch time

i'm so pleased with this cute skinnydip clutch i scored on sale from asos.

i don't get to dress up very often but when i do i like to keep it playful, and wear red lipstick, obviously.

so the genius lies in the fact that i don't have to have a million different color bags, because i have one that matches my lipstick, not my shoes.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

a shoe for in-between seasons

photo credits wwd/lolobu/heynataliejean/thezoereport via pinterest

am i crazy to think i can pull of clogs (the low ones in particular)?

they would be nice to wear with tights when it's still a bit chilly and also with cropped skinnies when it's warm enough to flash some ankle (that first sign of spring)!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

a hint of seventies

a hint of seventies

if you're seventies-impaired like i am (even though i was born in that decade) because youre petite or curvy or for any other reason, i want to share with you how i've managed to add a few seventies inspired touches to my outfits without feeling like i'm wearing a costume.

1. silk cami-it feels skimpy enough but luxe. bonus points if you can wear it braless (i can't).

2. star earrings-something about the way they dangle and the bold design make me feel part farrah part cowgirl. go figure.

3. knee hight boots-worn with skirts and dresses they're super feminine and a bit badass.

4. midi skirts-i love them! i thought i couldn't wear them because i'm short but turns out i was wrong. no need to wear with high heels either, just avoid shoes that give you a librarian vibe...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

star crazy

someone please buy these star trainers from topshop...

skirt crazy

skirt crazy

can't stop wearing skirts these days. also can't stop wearing gold boots...

petite room tour

as i'm de-cluttering and trying to reduce our family's posessions down to 20 or so boxes it struck me i'd better take a few shots of anna's first room before we dismantle it.

so here it is for posterity's sake.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

february date night

february date night

my husband is a february baby. every year i struggle to find a feminine yet cozy outfit to wear out to dinner on his birthday.

this is what i wore last night. 

i'm happy to report the j crew cocoon coat kept me toasty at -2 c!

donna wilson sample sale

if anyone is a donna wilson fan like me, the annual online sample sale is on right now!

i got the gloves to match the hat i bought myself last year.

i just love the quality and the designs so i treat myself to something from the sale once a year...

shopping my closet

shopping my closet

i've been trying to be good and asked my husband to hide my credit cards for a while (seriously) so i've been shopping in my own closet, as they say.

i dug up my old zara boots after seeing this picture from the new isabel marant collection. i'm itching to buy a skirt with a similar silhouette but i want to wait till next month at the least, so i'm wearing them with my knee length sweatshirt dress instead. 

i just wish my legs didn't look so pasty in winter!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

out of office

out of office

recently i've gotten tired of wearing jeans every day and i've been experimenting with new ways of wearing skirts and dresses without feeling like i'm going to the office or i'm an ageing student (in sneakers).

wearing a loose sweater and punchy boots helps.

i'd like to try and maximise the pleasure of not having to dress conservatively as it's one of the perks of being a sahm and a student.