Monday, October 10, 2016

i <3 my re-kanken

being a student when you're 40 is cool and all up to the point where you start looking like one. because without youth, the student look is basically just sloppy.

i found myself needing a backpack really badly for a series of practical purposes: i sometimes have a need to go to the library with my book and ipad, i commute every day to go get my daughter at school and i recently developed neck problems probably due to all the stuff i was lugging around in my shoulder bag. bad idea!

so after first wasting 20 euro on a cheap one from zara which fit nothing i settled on this cool dark olive kanken's not that bad! i still feel a little bit less feminine than i'd like wearing a backpack over a bag, but i guess this is my life now...

i do love the discreet logo on the re-kanken and the color. i also love that the shoulder straps are much thinner than the classic school backpack with its thick, padded straps (yuk!)

it's also nice to fit everything in one bag: my study materials, water bottle, snacks as well as my daughter's stuff and any shopping i may have acquired on the way to school (it's right next to a nice mall and i've been mall-deprived for many years, so don't judge me)...