Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hello spring

Switching to a jacket today and to lighter denim-a true breakthrough.
I also put my faux-furs and winter coats away. Wish me luck!


Sue said...

I have that jacket and I still haven't worn it. I think I need to be another couple of inches taller to make it work on my body. Another one for the Ebay pile which is a shame as it's a lovely looking jacket. And I've moved a couple of big coats out of the way now to make way for the warmer weather stuff. Wish me luck.

Sara said...

I remember you saying you had this jacket too. Mine's an xxs and it was still huge, so i shrank it in the dryer. Now it fits and i really love it. You could try doing that before you get rid of it! Btw today i was so cold, it was super windy...of course, it's because i dared put my big coat away. How amateur!